The entire discussion was caught on camera.

A teacher in Scotland kicked a student out of his class after the student insisted that there were only two genders, male and female. Video captured by the student on a smartphone shows the teacher lecturing the student outside the classroom for not being “inclusive.”

The student in an online video says he was kicked out of class for telling his teacher that he believes in only two genders — male and female.

The video does not name the student or the teacher who removed the student from his class, but the male student was able to record the exchange on video.

The brief video, filmed by a student named Murray and supplied by the Archbishop Cranmer Blog, shows the teacher becoming increasingly annoyed by Murray who calmly keeps insisting upon the binary reality of male-female human sexuality. It is not known who the teacher is or what school this took place in.

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In the video, the student asks why he was kicked out of class. The teacher says the student was discriminating in his comment that he believes in only two genders.

Read their conversation below:

“I’m sorry, but what you were saying is not very inclusive,” said Murray’s teacher, “and this is an inclusive school.”

Murray then asked why what he said was not inclusive.

“There are more than one gender,” answered the teacher.

“That’s your opinion,” insisted Murray.

“That is my opinion and that is an opinion which is acceptable in this school,” said the teacher appealing to Scottish national school policy. “And I think yours, saying there is no such thing as anything other than male or female, is not inclusive.”

As Murray again explains to his teacher, “There are just two genders,” the teacher becomes visibly annoyed, bites his lip, and turns away.

The teacher then accused Murray of “choosing to make an issue of this. You had an opportunity to keep quiet. You were clearly given an opportunity not to pursue it and you chose to do so.”

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“Yeah because I think it’s silly,” said Murray, who reiterated it’s silly to think there are more than two genders.

“Will you please keep that opinion to your own house, not in this room?” asked the increasingly flummoxed teacher.

“So you got to put your opinion out in class but my opinion has to stay inside my house? countered the student.

“I am not putting my opinion out. I am stating what is national school authority policy,” declared the teacher.

“That’s not scientific whatsoever,” responded Murray.

“Not every policy is scientific,” said the teacher, now stumbling for words as he turned to walk away from the conversation.

“I state something I believe in and you kick me out of class for thirty minutes,” said Murray.

“I know what you think, and I know what the authority thinks,” said Murray’s teacher. “I know that the authority’s point of view is very clear—very clear—that there be no discrimination.”

Murray interrupted, insisting he wasn’t being discriminatory. “I’m simply saying there are two genders: Male and female.”

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“I’m sorry,” said the teacher, who failed to make his case against biological science and again said that Murray’s statement, “is contrary to policy.”

The video displays the increasingly common battle between​ biology and ​​​​​​politically-correct transgender ideology, which is being adopted by more and more school systems in the Western world.

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