Praise ye the Lord, joyfully shout hosanna,
Praise the Lord with glad acclaim;
Lift up your hearts unto His throne with gladness,
Magnify His holy name.
Marching along under His banner bright,
Trusting in His mercy as we go,
His light divine tenderly o’er us will shine,
We shall be guided by His hand now and forever.

Steadily marching on, with our banner waving o’er us;
Steadily marching on, while we sing the joyful chorus;
Steadily marching on, pillar and cloud going before us,
To the realms of glory, to our home on high.

Praise ye the Lord, He is the king eternal,
Glory be to God on high;
Praise ye the Lord, tell of His loving kindness,
Join the chorus of the sky.
Still marching on, cheerily marching on,
In the ranks of Jesus we will go,
Home to our rest, joyfully home where the blest
Gather and praise the Savior’s name, praise Him forever.

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