Author: S T Francis

Saviour, we remember Thee!
Thy deep woe and agony,
All Thy suffering on the tree:
Saviour, we adore Thee!

Calvary! O Calvary!
Mercy’s vast unfathomed sea,
Love, eternal love to me:
Saviour, we adore Thee!

Darkness hung around Thy head,
When for sin Thy blood was shed,
Victim in the sinner’s stead:
Saviour, we adore Thee!

Jesus, Lord, Thou now art risen!
Thou hast all our sins forgiven;
Haste we to our home in heaven:
Saviour, we adore Thee!

Soon, with joyful, glad surprise,
We shall hear Thy word—Arise!
Mounting upward to the skies:
Glory, glory, glory!

Saviour, we Thy love adore;
We will praise Thee more and more;
Spread Thy Name from shore to shore:
Saviour, we adore Thee!


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