Saving Grace (When I Shall See My Lord and King) – Hymn


When I shall see my Lord and King,
And with the saints His glory sing,
When I behold Him face to face,
I’ll praise His name for saving grace.

O wondrous grace! the grace that saves;
‘Twas grace that rescued me;
My Savior died, the Crucified,
That I redeemed might be.

He found me helpless and alone,
He claimed the lost one as His own,
He made my heart His dwelling place,
And gladdened me with saving grace.

Since then the years have fled away,
But Christ is still my hope and stay;
And when at last I’ve run my race,
I’ll praise His name for saving grace.

Someday I’ll join the angel throng,
And raise with them the triumph song;
At Jesus’ feet I’ll take my place,
And praise His name for saving grace.


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