Prophet Joshua Iginla 2024 Prophecies For Nigeria And The World

Prophet Joshua Iginla

Prophet Joshua Iginla, founder and senior pastor of the Champions Royal Assembly (Joshua Iginla Ministries), headquartered in Abuja, has released his prophecy for the year 2024. He also forecasted what will happen to the world between next year and 2030.

Iginla’s prophecy centered on “climate change”, and he stated that people will witness some signs which he said are “the end time signs”.

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“Although scientists will give reasons for the ‘terrible’ signs people will witness between 2024 and 2030 it is really beyond human knowledge as they are signs of the end time,” the man of God insists.

Read his prophecy below:

“Between 2024 to (sic) 2026, you are going to see some things that will amaze you in the climatic change and it is going to be very strong.
“Science are going to give us the interpretation of what they think, but this is orchestrated as one of the signs of the end.
“You should know that I am not just blabbing; you know that I am seeing.
“There is a particular month I’m seeing, 24, 25, 26, you are going to understand. There is a particular month I am seeing 9, 8, 11. Get book (sic) of this date, record them, you are going to see some things.

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“A lot of things are going to happen between now and 2030.
“It would blow your mind to make you know that scriptures are real.
“Science will interpret what they want to interpret. But I tell you; it is the orchestration of the signs of the end.”

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