Oprah Says “Jesus Isn’t The Only Way To God” – The Bible Say He Is (Video)


John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Oprah spoke of people who have not heard of Jesus. If you are seeking, in your heart, to walk with Jesus He is there to help you cross over from darkness to light.

Oprah is a dear woman, but she is deceived.

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Jesus Christ is the most profound historical figure Who ever existed.  It’s His exclusive claims that were the catalyst for His crucifixion.  He claimed that God was His Father in a unique way and that NO ONE could get to the Father but through Him.  He who has seen Him has seen God.  All are to honor the Son in the same way as they honor the Father.  Folks may choose not to believe that or may not like that, but that’s exactly what He taught.

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  1. Leave Oprah alone. As long as you believe that Jesus is the only way to the Father, that’s all that matters.

  2. The trouble with people is that they utter feelings/ideas etc… but fail to comply with the rules of logic. Is Oprah teaching a new religion? Fine, that is up to her and I have no qualms other than to point out she would do well to find out who Jesus is and what He taught. If she cannot be truthful to that then what she said about Jesus is not the only way becomes non sequitur!If she wishes to talk about other religions, she is welcome to it. However, if she is to mention,’other way to God’… and also’ Jesus’ in the same sentence… she has to be logical about it or leave the those words out and teach all else. The attempt is, I suspect, trying to convince Christians that what the Lord Jesus taught is not true!! This is an attack on the core teaching of Jesus Christ, ‘I AM THE ONLY WAY TO THE FATHER!!’ There is no going round it in any possible way other than denying the Son of God who taught what He received from the Father. I wish her the best and God’s blessing but I could not disagree more with her on that fundamental teaching. It is like saying, faith in God does not matter just try to live your life the best way you can. It is precisely why the Son of God came on earth and assumed our human nature because we desperately need Him for our salvation and our eternal destiny. What more radical message is there than the message and the truth concerning the eternal fate of a human being? But the Prince of Lies is crafty and will continue to use every means at his disposal to convince people buying into lies because that is how he disrupts the saving grace of God. God cannot shove it into us to accept his salvation because He respects our wishes and responses which is an enormous responsibility. If people, conscious or otherwise also aid the confusion the Devil could not ask for a better assistance if he tried!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is a very old video, she was much younger then looking for meaning in her life and possibly jaded by religion- she has changed her stance – 100%. If I find time to post the link to a video in more recent times where she affirms her faith in Jesus then I’ll do so.
    God bless y’all!

    • She still believes this ideology and she’s wrong. It’s a dangerous teaching. Her so called Christian friends are watered down in faith. Tyler Perry’s a prime example of what happens when you lose your god giving anointing. He’s no longer making good movies and having a baby out of wedlock, refuses marriage. We all sin but he willfully sins. He’s also like lee Daniels, an advocate of gay relationships. We can’t cherry pick the Bible

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