Author: Daniel O. Teasley,

Why not now? O sinner, listen
To that pleading voice within,
Saying, “Jesus came to save you
From the awful curse of sin.”

Oh, why not now? Oh, why not now?
All heaven waits while you delay;
Oh, why not now? Oh, why not now?
Risk not your soul for one more day.

Why not now? Your days are passing
Swiftly to eternity;
All your strength is unavailing
Your poor heart from sin to free.

Why not now? The future holdeth
Not one promise for your soul;
Come, accept God’s proffered mercy
Ere you die in sin’s control.

Why not now? Your death is nearing,
Soon your final day will come,
And your choice this very moment
May result in awful doom.

Why not now? Oh, do not linger,
Reason bids you make the choice;
Saints and angels bid you welcome,
Harken to that inner voice.


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