Author: Daniel S. Warner,

Where shall we look for help in affliction?
Or whither shall we send?
“The prayer of faith will save,” it is written,
’Tis truth till time shall end.

I touch the word of His promise,
As firm as heaven’s throne;
And trusting Him this very moment,
I know the work is done.

Thy love, O God, abideth forever,
Thy mighty pow’r the same;
And all Thy word declares Thou art willing
To heal the sick and lame.

Thy heart, dear Lord, is full of compassion,
And touched with sympathy;
Why then should I continue to suffer?
I know Thou healest me.

O Christ, Thou art my perfect Physician,
Thy faith now makes me whole;
Thy healing touch pervadeth my body,
And thrills with joy my soul.

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