Notable Converts From Islam To Christianity


This is A-Z Alphabetic Names Of Notable Converts From Islam To Christianity

Mohammed Former Muslim Turned Pastor
Mohammed Former Muslim Turned Pastor

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Alina Kabaeva – Russian gymnast
Jesse of Kakheti – Georgian prince of the Bagrationi dynasty, son of King Leon of Kakheti converted to Islam in the Service of the Safavid dynasty, but returned to Orthodox Christianity after his return to Georgia
Jesse of Kartli – Georgian prince of the Bagrationi dynasty (from Christianity to Islam back to Christianity)
Alexander Kazembek – Russian Orientalist, historian and philologist of Azeri origin
Mathieu Kérékou – President of Benin (from Christianity to Islam back to Christianity)
Chulpan Khamatova – Russian actress
Emir Kusturica – Serbian and Yugoslavian filmmaker and actor

Imad ud-din Lahiz – prolific Islamic writer, preacher and Qur’anic translator
Dr. Nur Luke – Uyghur Bible translator
Fernão Lopes (soldier) – 16th-century Portuguese soldier in India who converted to Roman Catholicism
Sake Dean Mahomed (born Sheikh Din Muhammad) – Indian traveller, surgeon and entrepreneur who introduced the Indian take-away curry house restaurant in Britain; first Indian to have written a book in the English language; converted to marry Jane Daly, an Irish Protestant, as it was illegal for a non-Protestant to marry a Protestant
Enrique de Malaca – Malay slave of Ferdinand Magellan, converted to Roman Catholicism after being purchased in 1511
Pinkan Mambo (born Pinkan Ratnasari Mambo) – Indonesian singer; converted in 2010; decision taken after admitting she studied various religions of the world and eventually dropped in awe of Jesus Christ
Fadhma Aït Mansour – mother of French writers Jean Amrouche and Taos Amrouche
Roy Marten (born Wicasksono Abdul Salam) – Indonesian actor whose family was converted to Roman Catholicism during his childhood but who converted later to Indonesian Orthodoxy in 1997
Abdul Masih – Indian indigenous missionary; ordained Anglican and Lutheran minister; often referred to as the most influential indigenous Christian to shape nineteenth-century Christian missions in India; religious author
Josef Mässrur (born Ghäsim Khan) – missionary to Chinese Turkestan with the Mission Union of Sweden
Carlos Menem – former President of Argentina; raised a Nusayri but converted to Roman Catholicism, a constitutional requirement for accessing the presidency until 1994
Ahmed ibn Merwan – Seljek Turk lieutenant during the First Crusade. He converted to Christianity sometime after surrendering Antioch to the Crusaders.
Mizse – last Palatine of King Ladislaus IV of Hungary in 1290; born into a Muslim family in Tolna County in the Kingdom of Hungary; converted to Roman Catholicism
St. George El Mozahem – Coptic saint
Archbishop Thomas Luke Msusa – born into a Muslim family; converted to Christianity as a child and later became an Archbishop in his home country of Malawi, as well as converting and baptizing his father, a former imam
Muhsin Muhammad – current American football player for the Carolina Panthers, raised in a Muslim household, later converted to Christianity
Paul Mulla – Turkish scholar and professor of Islamic Studies at the Pontifical Oriental Institute

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Youcef Nadarkhani – Iranian Christian pastor who has been sentenced to death for apostasy
Diana Nasution – Indonesian singer, converted to Protestantism after marriage
Aurelius and Natalia (died 852) – Christian martyrs who were put to death during the reign of Abd ar-Rahman II, Emir of Córdoba, and are counted among the Martyrs of Córdoba; Aurelius was the son of a Muslim father and a Christian mother. He was also secretly a follower of Christianity, as was his wife Natalia, who was also the child of a Muslim father.
Marina Nemat – Canadian author of Iranian descent and former political prisoner of the Iranian government; born into a Christian family, she converted to Islam in order to avoid execution but later reverted to Christianity
Ibrahim Njoya – Bamum king; back and forth conversions from Islam to Christianity
Nunilo and Alodia – 9th-century sisters recognized as Catholic saints and martyrs in Moorish Spain, executed for apostasy for converting to Christianity
Rashid Nurgaliyev – Russian politician and general convert to Russian Orthodoxy

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Malika Oufkir – Moroccan writer and daughter of General Mohamed Oufkir; she and her siblings are converts from Islam to Catholici; and she writes in her book, Stolen Lives, “we had rejected Islam, which had brought us nothing good, and opted for Catholicism instead”

A-Z List Of Notable Converts From Judaism To Christianity

Shams Pahlavi – Iranian princess and the elder sister of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran
Hamid Pourmand – former Iranian army colonel and lay leader of the Jama’at-e Rabbani, the Iranian branch of the Assemblies of God church in Iran
Agni Pratistha – Indonesian actress, model and former beauty queen (elected Puteri Indonesia 2006), converted to Catholicism after marriage, although initially denied rumors of conversion

Nabeel Qureshi – former Ahmadiyya Muslim; converted to Evangelical Christianity in 2005; has since become an internationally recognized apologist with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. He died 2018.

Daud Rahbar – Pakistani scholar of Comparative religions, composer, short story writer, translator, philosopher, contributor to inter-civilization dialogue, musicologist, drummer, singer and guitarist
Abdul Rahman – Afghan convert to Christianity who escaped the death penalty because of foreign pressure
Brother Rachid – Moroccan Christian convert from Islam; hosts a weekly live call-in show on AL-Hayat channel
Majeed Rashid Mohammed – Kurdish Christian convert from Islam; established a network with former Kurdish Muslims with about 2,000 members today
Stefan Razvan – Gypsy prince who ruled Moldavia for six months in 1595
Dewi Rezer – Indonesian model of French descent; converted to Roman Catholicism
Emily Ruete (born Sayyida Salme) – Princess of Zanzibar and Oman.

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