Boko Haram has taken over our cattle routes, Bello cries out

In a related development, the Niger State Governor, Bello, on Tuesday said Boko Haram had taken over all the cattle routes and tracks in the Kaure Local Government area of the state.

He also said the insurgent group demolished a local church, abducted women and hoisted their flag in the local government.

Bello, while featuring on Political Update, a current affairs programme on NTA, disclosed that the insurgents had married the abducted women.

Describing the situation as worrisome, the governor said the issue of insecurity in the state was not treated with kid gloves.

He noted that he had sent out signals in the last two years, adding that the response he got had not been in line with the threats.

“They’ve already hoist their flag in Kaure, which means they’ve taken over the territory and this is what I have been engaging the federal government with and unfortunately it has now gotten to this stage that if care is not taken not even Abuja is safe.”

While lamenting on the security challenges in the state, Bello expressed concern over the manner in which the wives of the locals have been taking over by Boko Haram members.

He said, “The modus operandi of these people is different from bandits. Boko Haram elements want to scare people away from their land and take over the territory which to a certain extent they have succeeded in doing.

“ In Kaure for example they have dominated the area, they have demolished the local church that was there and they have hoisted their flag. They have also abducted the women and allocated them to their men on ground.

“The number of insurgents cannot be ascertained as of this moment but definitely their number supersedes that of the military operatives we have in the area. This area is in the forest region although not too far away. They operate on motorcycles. They have taken over all the cattle routes and tracks.”

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