Author: Daniel S. Warner,

All this world, its wealth and honor,
Cannot sate the human breast;
But when filled with God, our Father,
Every want is fully blest.

My soul is satisfied,
My soul is satisfied;
I am complete in Jesus’ love,
And my soul is satisfied.

All my soul can wish forever
I do find in Christ replete;
Every blessing and the Giver
In my peaceful bosom meet.

Is thy life bereft of comfort?
And thy heart a cheerless spot?
Say not Christ is in thy desert—
For we can believe it not.

Can a bird drink up the ocean,
Thirsting still from shore to shore;
Or the God of all creation
Leave thy heart yet craving more?

Would my soul could more encompass
Heaven’s glory, willed to me;
Oh, the love of God so precious,
’Tis a deep and shoreless sea.

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