Residents in Lawrence, Kansas, suffered major structural damage following a large tornado that hit the area late Tuesday afternoon.

A tornado touched down in Lawrence, Kansas, devastating several neighborhoods and sending about a dozen people to the hospital. The twister was said to be a mile wide and stayed on the ground for about two hours, CBN News reports.

The Kansas City International Airport moved customers to a shelter due to a severe weather threat facing Kansas City, Kansas. Debris picked up on the airfield caused operations staff to close the airport so foreign object damage would not affect aircraft.

This marks 11 straight days of multiple tornadic activity – a near record. Forecasters have recorded preliminary reports of 500 twisters in the last 30 days.

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Residents in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, are thanking God for protection during the tornado which damaged many homes but causing no injuries. WFMZ-TV reports resident Michele Kile saying, “We have severe window damage, roofs ripped off, trees on top of cars. No electric, no gas. No one was hurt, thank God.”

Tornado ‘Miraculously’ Shifted Instead of Hitting Children’s Hospital

Meanwhile, amazing stories are emerging after each tornado strike. A twister that struck Dayton, Ohio on Memorial Day suddenly swerved from its path which could have been a direct hit on a children’s hospital.

“Miraculously, I do not know how this happened, but we are grateful it went around Children’s Hospital,” Dayton Fire Chief Jeffrey Payne told the Dayton Daily News. “It amazes me. It was going in a trajectory straight for the hospital and went in a different direction before it got there.”

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The Dayton Daily News reports, “Given the extent of the tornado’s devastation, officials said it’s ‘miraculous’ no one was killed or seriously injured. The word ‘miracle’ surfaced time and again Tuesday.”

‘People Probably Who Normally Don’t Pray Have Been Praying’

Meanwhile, Oklahoma is dealing with historic floods. Hundreds of homes have been evacuated west of Tulsa as heavy rains swelled the Arkansas River.

The New York Times reports that in Braggs, Oklahoma a small community has been surrounded by water and cut off from supplies, but residents are helping each other out, turning their boats into water taxis.

“We’ve got a lot of people praying in Braggs, and people probably who normally don’t pray have been praying,” said resident Pat Arney.

Officials fear it will only get worse as four more inches of rain could fall in coming days.

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“The overall weather pattern that has been in place across the US will continue through midweek, which will bring more rounds of severe weather to the Plains. While large hail, damaging winds and flooding will be the main threats from these storms, the danger of tornadoes cannot be overstated,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Brett Rathbun said.


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