A Forgotten Missionaries International (FMI)-supported pastor, his wife, and daughter were On Monday, May 27, attacked in their home by a mob of over 35 men. FMI’s Bruce Allen says Pastor Aziz was targeted to prevent his fruitful Gospel ministry from continuing.

The attack caught Pastor Aziz and his family off guard. Fortunately, a police officer was walking along the street and saw the men break into Pastor Aziz’s house. The officer and his reinforcements rescued the family from their attackers.

Pastor Aziz, his wife, and their daughter escaped with minor injuries, though they only have the clothes on their backs. They are now homeless as the attackers seized Pastor Aziz’s property.

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Allen believes Pastor Aziz was targeted because of his Muslim background and the fact he has a thriving ministry making God’s truth known among local Muslims.

“Pastor Aziz, who himself had come out of a Muslim background, has been evangelizing and church planting in the province of Balochistan,” Allen says.

In Balochistan, Pastor Aziz planted three churches and has outpost ministries along the Iranian border.

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“These Muslim militants want to see that stopped. But we are very glad that he is alive and he is determined to continue his ministry, even though he now has no home,” Allen says.

Pakistan ranks fifth on Christian support organization Open Doors 2019 World Watch list of the 50 countries where it is most difficult to be a Christian.

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