Onward moves the great Eternal
In the order of His plan;
Louder, nearer rolls the thunder
Of His awful word to man.

Louder, louder, hallelujah!
See the glorious fountain flow;
From the midst of heav’n proclaim it;
Oh, it makes me white as snow.

Since by sin this earth was blighted,
God has whispered of His love;
Dreams and visions by His prophets
Breathed of mercy from above.

Louder speaks His love in Jesus;
Heaven sweetly chants His fame;
Earth receives its glorious Savior;
Hallelujah to His name!

Yet the world is wrapped in slumber,
Louder raise the trumpet’s blast;
Oh, in mercy let it thunder
Ere the day of mercy’s past.

In the cages of deception
Souls are pining to be free;
Quickly sound the proclamation
Of the glorious jubilee.


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