Ron Kenoly
Ron Kenoly

Ron Kenoly is an American worship leader, singer, and songwriter whose expressed mission is “to create an environment for the manifest presence of God”. Ron Kenoly Ministries has been able to minister in over 100 nations. His musical style is one of jubilant praise and individual excellence on musical instruments.

  • 1983: You Ought to Listen to This
  • 1991: Jesus Is Alive
  • 1992: Lift Him Up with Ron Kenoly
  • 1994: God Is Able
  • 1995: Sing Out with One Voice
  • 1996: Welcome Home
  • 1997: High Places: The Best of Ron Kenoly
  • 1998: Majesty
  • 1999: We Offer Praises
  • 2001: Dwell in the House
  • 2002: The Perfect Gift
  • 2005: Fill the Earth
  • 2005: Lift Him Up Collection
  • 2008: Powerful Hymns My Mother Sang
  • 2009: Solo Para Ti
  • 2010: Christmas with Ron Kenoly
  • 2013: Set Apart Is Your Name Yahuwah Vol.1
  • 2014: Set Apart Is Your Name Yahuwah Vol.2 featuring David Hunter

Songs written or co-written by Kenoly

  • Jesus Is Alive (1991)
    • “Jesus Is Alive”
    • “Keeper of My Heart” with Kelly Husted
  • Lift Him Up with Ron Kenoly (1992)
    • “Hallowed Be Your Name” with Louis Smith
    • “We’re Going Up to the High Places”
  • God Is Able (1994)
    • “Our God Is Able (Rap)”
    • “Use Me” with Dewitt Jones
    • “Jesus Is Alive”
  • Sing Out with One Voice (1995)
    • “Joyfully, Joyfully”
    • “Give to the Lord”
    • “Welcome Rap”
    • “We Dedicate This Time”
  • Welcome Home (1996)
    • “Go Ahead”
    • “Heal Their Land”
    • “I Testify Today” with Louis Smith
    • “Welcome Home”
    • “I Love To Love You Lord” with Louis Smith
    • “Lord I Magnify” with Tavita Kenoly (wife)
  • Majesty (1998)
    • “Hallelujah to the King of Kings” with Renetha Muldrew
    • “The King of Kings Is Coming” with Bob Ayala
    • “Return To Righteousness America” with Don Moen and Tom Brooks
    • “In Righteousness You Reign”
    • “Hallelujah Reprise/Hallelujah Chorus (Hallelujah to the King of Kings)” with Handel, George Frederick and Renetha Muldrew
  • We Offer Praises (1999)
    • “We Offer Praises”
    • “It Is Good”
    • “Joshua Generation”
    • “Plane Crash Testimony” (spoken word)
    • “Broken Leg Testimony” (spoken word)
    • “I Still Have Joy”


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