List Of Books By Rev. Olusola Ayodele Areogun


Rev. Olusola Ayodele Areogun serves the will of God in this generation as Author, Teacher, Church Planter and Mentor of Leaders for the next generation with varied ministerial exposure and experience.

Sola Areogun Ministries operates her own publishing/printing press, named Abundant Life House and it has published over 130 publications as at May, 2016. Some books authored by Rev. Olusola Ayodele Areogun and his wife from the established press include:

See list of books written Rev. Olusola Ayodele Areogun by :

  1. Angels And You (E-book)
  2. Annual School Of Ministry (Asom 2019) Workshop Manual
  3. Characteristics Of A Joker
  4. Correct Mentorship E-book
  5. Critical Learning For Life And Destiny (E-book)
  6. Destined For The Top E-book
  7. Different Ramifications Of Faith
  8. Divine Prescription For A Sound Body E-book
  9. Follow The Leader E-book
  10. Fulfilling The Ministry Of Intercession
  11. God Is Looking For A Strong Pastor
  12. God Is Peculiarly Equipping His People In An Goutstanding Manner In These Last Days. Every Believer Should Begin To Take Themselves Serious. When God Called Rev. Olusola Areogun, Many Y..
  13. Godly Counsel For Single Ladies On Sexual Matters
  14. How To Turn Your Breakdown To Breakthrough
  15. Key To Sustaining Divine Commitment
  16. Keys To Becoming A Minister After God’s Heart
  17. Keys To Becoming A Minister After God’s Heart..
  18. Laws_and_acts_that_govern_kingdom_wealth_flow (1)
  19. Leadership Reflections Vol 1
  20. Leadership Reflections Vol 2
  21. Learning To Learn
  22. Learning To Learn E-book
  23. Lord What Will You Have Me Do E-book
  24. Major Secret Of A Blessed Marriage
  25. Man Is Primarily A Spirit, Who Has A Soul And Lives In A Body. At Salvation, A Man’s Spirit Becomes Regenerated And Has A Transfer Of Genes. However, In This Book, I Would Highlight Several Things Tha..
  26. Marriage Without Rancour E-book
  27. Mastering Female Dynamics E-book
  28. Mini Booklet Series – Leadership
  29. Mini Booklet Series – Worship.pdf
  30. Ministerial Handbook For A Young Pastor E-book
  31. My Spouse My Wealth E-book
  32. Mystery Of The Communion
  33. Nine Major Laws Of Life E-book
  34. Power For Home Building
  35. Principles Of Greatness E-book
  36. Quiet Time E-book
  37. Receiving Healing From Diseases Of The Soul
  38. Rediscovering The Power Of Daily Christianity
  39. Resolving Conflict In Marriage
  40. Resolving Conflict In Marriage..
  41. Step Of Faith For An Incredible Life
  42. Stepping Into Your Divine Call
  43. Stepping Into Zion Wealth
  44. Structuring Your Life For Responsibility E-book
  45. Succeeding With Success
  46. The Anointed Man E-book
  47. The Danger Of Offences
  48. The Don’ts Of An Associate Minister E-book
  49. The Greatest Tool We Came Into The Earth With As Human Beings Is The Calling, But The Tragedy Of The Human Race Is That Only A Few People Discover Their Callings, So That Although They Carry Great Pot..
  50. The Man That God Will Work With E-book
  51. The Qualities Of A Commanding Dream E-book
  52. The Spirit Of Life E-book
  53. The Wealth Of Poverty
  54. The Wealth Of Poverty E-book
  55. The Wise Christian E-book
  56. The Woman Above Average
  57. The Woman And The Local Church E-book
  58. There Are Six Principles Of Life, Which If Committed To, Will Lead A Man To Greatness In Destiny. They Form The Foundation For This Book. Principle #1: Whatever Is In A Man’s Heart Will Be Created ..
  59. Things Leaders Do
  60. Things Leaders Do E-book
  61. Understanding The Divine Call
  62. Understanding The Divine Call – God’s Official Summon
  63. Understanding The Grace Of God For Life And Ministry
  64. Understanding The Heart In Spiritual Operations E-book
  65. Victory Over Deception E-book
  66. What God Anoints
  67. Wisdom For Finances
  68. Reality of the Spirit Man
  69. Processed for the throne
  70. Marriage without Rancour
  71. The Daniel Series (The Daniel Company, The Making of Daniel and The Prerequisites for admission to the Daniel Company)
  72. The man that God will work with
  73. The Call of God and You
  74. 7 Components of the will of God
  75. Scriptural Prayers for your Husband
  76. The expected end you were born to accomplish
  77. Divine prescriptions for a sound body
  78. The power of cleaving
  79. Terminal terminated and the generational ministries
  80. Enhancing your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit
  81. Godly Wisdom for a Pastor’s wife, a ground breaking and best selling book


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