1. Secrets from Beyond The Grave
2. Dealing With Hindering Spirits (Revised & Expanded Edition)
3. Deciphering End-Time Prophetic Codes
4. Imparting Generational Blessings: Building A Spiritual Legacy
5. Putting On Your God Gear
6. The Eighth Kingdom: How Radical Islam Will Impact the End Times
7. 7 Intimate Secrets: Some Truths Are Only Revealed in Secret
8. Anointed with Favor: Discover how to “be the head”
9. Lay It on Me
10. Mystery of the Priesthood and the Blood
11.Plucking the Eagle’s Wings
12. Supernatural Provision in the End Times
13. Unleashing the Beast
14. Chronicles of the Sacred Mountain: Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven’s Past,Present and Future
15. Breaking the Code of the Feasts 
16. The Prophetic Future Concealed in Israel’s Festivals

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