Joseph Prince is the Senior Pastor of New Creation Church. His ministry as pastor, teacher, conference speaker and author continues to transform many lives, setting people free from the heavy yoke of the law, guilt and condemnation by pointing them to Jesus and His finished work at Calvary.

This is a list of books by Pastor Joseph Prince:

  • The Prayer Of Protection—Living Fearlessly In Dangerous Times
  • The Prayer of Protection Study Guide—Living Fearlessly In Dangerous Times
  • The Prayer of Protection Essential Package
  • Grace Revolution: Experience the Power to Live Above Defeat
  • Grace Revolution Study Guide—Experience The Power To Live Above Defeat
  • Glorious Grace—100 Daily Readings from Grace Revolution
  • 100 Days Of Favor
  • Reign In Life—90 Powerful Inspirations For Extraordinary Breakthroughs
  • The Power of Right Believing: 7 Keys to Freedom from Fear, Guilt, and …
  • 100 Days Of Right Believing
  • Provision Promises
  • Wisdom For Everyday Living Journal
  • Healing Promises
  • Favor Inmerecido (Unmerited Favor—Spanish Edition)(Softback)
  • Unmerited Favor
  • Destined To Reign
  • Destined To Reign Devotional
  • The One Thing—31-Day Devotional
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Health And Wholeness Through The Holy Communion
  • A Life Worth Living
  • Right Place Right Time
  • The Benjamin Generation
  • Your Miracle Is In Your Mouth
  • The Power Of Right Believing Tour Gift Set
  • Exclusive 5-Book Bundle
  • Grace Revolution Magazines
  • Gospel Revolution Newsletters


  1. Can you please let me know what the title of the latest book by Joseph Prince is and where will it be available in South Africa as I have a client looking for the latest book as mentioned

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