Ibhar – election, he that is chosen, he will choose, chooser, God does choose,
Ibleam – ancient people, people decreasing
Ibneiah- Ibniah, the building of the Lord, the understanding of the Lord, son by adoption, God builds -Jehovah does build,
Ibnijah  – whom Jehovah will build up, God builds, Jehovah is builder,
Ibri  -passing over, being angry, being with young, Hebrew, passing over of a Hebrew,
Ibsam  -fragrant
Ibzan – father of a target, father of coldness, splendid, active
Ichabod -where is the glory? or, no glory, inglorious, the glory is not, where is the glory, inglorious,
Iconium -coming,
Idalah -the hand of slander, or of cursing,
Idbash -flowing with honey, the land of destruction, honey,sweet, corpulent,
Iddo -his band, power, praise, God’s friend, affectionate, festal, his power,
Idumea -red, earthy, bloody,
Igal -redeemed, defiled, may God redeem, deliverer, he will vindicate,
Igeal -a redeemer, redeemed, defiled
Igdaliah- the greatness of the Lord, may God be glorified, great is Jehovah,
Iim -heaps of Hebrews, or of angry men
Ije -abarim, heaps of Hebrews, or of passers over
Ijon -look, eye, fountain
Ikkesh -forward, wicked, stubbord, perverse, subtle,
Ilai – exalted, supreme,
Illyricum – joy, rejoicing
Imlah – plenitude, circumcision, full, God does fill, fulfilling, plenitude,
Imla -whom God will fill up, replenisher
Immanuel – God with us, God is with is, Hebrew c. 8th century
Immer -saying, speaking, a lamb talkative, prominent,
Imna – God does restrain, withdrawing,
Imnah – same as Jimnah may God defend, prosperity, he allots,
Imrah – a rebel, waxing bitter, changing, a rebel,stubborn, height of Jehovah,
Imri – speaking, exalting, bitter, a lamb, projecting, eloquent,
India -praise, law
Iphedeiah -redemption of the Lord, may God redeem, Jehovah does deliver, redemption,
Ir- watchman, city, vision, watcher,
Ira -watchman, making bare, pouring out, watcher, watchful, city watch
Irad – wild ass, heap of empire, dragon, fleet,
Iram -the effusion of them, a high heap, watchful,
Iri – fire, light, Jehovah is watcher,
Irijah – the fear of the Lord, may God see, God does see, provide, fear of the Lord,
Ir -shemesh, a city of bondage
Iru, watch,
Isaac – laughter, he laughed, laughing one,
Isaiah -the salvation of the Lord, God’s salvation, Jehovah is helper, salvation is of the Lord,
Iscah – he that anoints, who looks,
Iscariot – a man of murder, a hireling, man of kerioth,
Ishbah – praising, He praises, appeaser,
Ishbak -who is empty, exhausted, free, empty, exhausted,
Ishb -benob, respiration, conversion, taking captive, man sitting in Nob, dweller on the mount -he that predicts,
Ishbosheth -a man of shame,
Ishi -salvation, saving, my help, saving,
Ishiah  -it is the Lord, Jehovah exists, forgiveth,
Ishma- named, marveling, desolation, distinction, elevated,
Ishmael -God that hears, hears,
Ishmaiah- hearing or obeying the Lord, may God hear, Jehovah hears,
Ishmerai -keeper, or keeping, God guards, God keeps,
Ishod -a comely man, famed[18] man of honor, man of splendor,
Ish -pan, hid, broken in two, firm, strong,
Ishtob -good man
Ishua -plainness, equal,
Ishuah -Isuah, equal, self,satisfied,
Ishui- Jesui, equality,
Ishvah -resembles,
Ishvi -quiet,*Ishvah, resembles,
Ishmachiah -cleaving to the Lord, Jehovah supports, may God support,*Ishvah, resembles,
Ismaiah -Jehovah hears,
Ispah – a jasper stone
Israel -who prevails with God, he strives with God, ruling with God
Issachar  -reward, recompense, rewarded,
Isshiah  -there is God,
Isshijah  -there is God,
Isui  -same as Ishuah
Ithai -strong, my sign, a plowshare, God is with me,
Italy -abounding with calves or heifers
Ithamar -island of the palm,tree, palm,coast, palm tree,
Ithiel -sign, or coming of God, God is with me, God is, God is with me,
Ithmah -an orphan, purity, bereavement,
Ithra -excellent,
Ithran -remaining, searching out diligently,
Ithream -excellence of the people, populous, remnant, abundance of the people,
Ittah -kazin, hour, or time, of a prince,
Ittai -with me, plowman, living,
Iturea -guarded, mountainous,
Ivah -iniquity,
Izehar -clearness, oil,
Izhar  -Izehar, oil, bright one, olive oil,
Izrahiah -the Lord ariseth, the clearness of the Lord, may God shine forth, Jehovah is appearing, does arise,
Izri -fasting, tribulation, creative, former,
Izziah -Jeziah, Jehovah exalts,

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