Eagle, a tearer with the beak properly the griffon vulture or great vulture, so called from its tearing its prey with its beak
Earing, ploughing plough or till
Earnest, pledge
East, which is before or in front of a person
Ebal, ancient heaps
Ebed, a servant; laborer
Ebed-melech, the king’s servant
Eben-Ezer, the stone of help
Eber, one that passes; anger
Ebiasaph, a father that gathers or adds
Ebronah, passage over; being angry
Ecclesiastes, a preacher
Ecclesiasticus, or the Wisdom of Sirach Sirach = Joshua, Joshua, saviour, or whose help is Jehovah Jehovah, I am; the eternal living one Jehovah, self-subsisting
Ed, witness
Eden, pleasure; delight
Eder, a flock
Edom, red, earthy; of blood
Edrei, a very great mass, or cloud
Eglah, heifer; chariot; round
Eglaim, drops of the sea
Eglon, heifer; chariot; round(same as Eglah)
Egypt, that troubles or oppresses; anguish
Enoch, “dedicated,” “trained,” and “disciplined.”
Elihu means He Is My God
Eliphaz means The endeavor of God


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