Baal, master; lord, Lord, “owner” or “lord”, also “husband” (as possessor of the wife); possessor, controller;
Baalah, her idol; she that is governed or subdued; a spouse, mistress
Baalath, a rejoicing; our proud lord, see Baal no. the height of the south
Baalath-Beer, subjected pit Baalah of the well,
Baal-berith, idol of the covenant Covenant lord
Baale, same as Baalath
Baal-gad, idol of fortune or felicity, Lord of fortune
Baal-hamon, who rules a crowd, Place of a multitude
Baal-hermon, possessor of destruction or of a thing cursed, Lord of Hermon
Ball-hanan, the Lord is gracious;
Baali, my idol; lord over me, My lord An appellation of JEHOVAH
Baalim, idols; masters; false gods
Baalis, a rejoicing; a proud lord; lord of joy, rules;
Baal-meon, idol or master of the house
Baal-peor, master of the opening
Baal-perazim, god of divisions
Baal-shalisha, the god that presides over three; the third idol
Baal-tamar, master of the palm-tree
Baal-zebub, god of the fly
Baal-zephon, the idol or possession of the north; hidden; secret
Baana, in the answer; in affliction; affliction;
Baanah, son of grief,
Baara, a flame; purging
Baaseiah, in making; in pressing together; Jehovah is bold;
Baasha, he that seeks, or lays waste; boldness, offensive, he who lays waste;
Babel, confusion; mixture, confusion, gate of God
Babylon, same as Babel, Gate Of The Deity, anointment or consecration or confusion or mixing,
Baca, a mulberry-tree
Bahurim, choice; warlike; valiant
Bajith, a house;
Bakbakkar, diligent searcher;
Bakbuk, a flagon, hollow;
Bakbukiah, wasted by Jehovah, effusion of Jehovah
Balaam, the ancient of the people; the destruction of the people; a pilgrim, devouring, lord of the people;
Baladan, one without judgment;
Balak, who lays waste or destroys;;’
Bamah, an eminence or high place
Barabbas, son of shame, confusion
Barachel, that bows before God
Barachias, same as Barachel
Barak, thunder, or in vain
Barjesus, son of Jesus or Joshua son of Jesus, wise
Barjona, son of a Jonah; of a dove
Barnabas, son of the prophet, or of consolation
Barsabas, son of return; son of rest son of Sabas or rest
Bartholomew, a son that suspends the waters
Bartimeus, son of the honorable
Baruch, who is blessed
Barzillai, son of contempt; made of iron
Bashan, in the tooth, in ivory
Bashemath, perfumed; confusion of death; in desolation
Bathsheba, daughter of oath
Bathsuha, daughter of wealth
Bealiah, the god of an idol; in an assembly
Bealoth, cast under
Bebai, void, empty
Becher, first begotten; first fruits
Bechorath, first fruits
Bedad, alone; solitary
Bedaiah, Bedeiah, the only Lord
Bedan, according to judgment
Beeliada, an open idol
Beelzebub, same as Baalzebub
Beer, a water well|well
Beera, a well; declaring
Beerelim, the well of Elim, or of rains
Beeri, my well
Beer-lahai-roi, the well of him that liveth and seeth me
Beeroth, wells; explaining
Beersheba, the well of an oath; the seventh well
Behemoth, beasts
Bekah, half a shekel
Belah, destroying
Belial, wicked, worthless
Belshazzar, master of the treasure
Belteshazzar, who lays up treasures in secret
Ben, a son
Benaiah, son of the Lord
Ben-ammi, son of my people
Beneberak, sons of lightning
Bene-jaakan, sons of sorrow
Benhadad, son of Hadad, or noise
Benhail, son of strength
Benhanan, son of grace
Benjamin, son of the right hand
Benimi, our sons
Beno, his son
Benoni, son of my sorrow, or pain
Benzoheth, son of separation
Beon, in affliction
Beor, burning; foolish; mad, burning or torch, a torch
Bera, a well; declaring
Berachah, blessing; bending the knee
Berachiah, speaking well of the Lord
Beraiah, the choosing of the Lord
Berea, heavy; weighty
Bered, hail
Beri, my son; my corn
Beriah, in fellowship; in envy
Berith, covenant
Bernice, one that brings victory, bearer of victory,
Berodach-baladan, the son of death
Berothai, wells; a cypress
Berothath, of a well
Besai, a despising; dirty
Besodeiah, counsel of the Lord
Besor, glad news; incarnation
Betah, confidence
Beten, belly
Bethabara, the house of confidence
Bethanath, house of affliction
Bethany, house of song; the house of affliction, house of dates, or house of misery, House of Misery
Betharabah, house of depression (in the sense of ‘desert valley’)
Beth-aram, house of height
Beth-aven, the house of vanity; of iniquity of trouble
Beth-azmaveth, house of death’s strength
Beth-baalmeon, an idol of the dwelling-place
Beth-barah, the chosen house
Beth-birei, the house of my Creator, the house of my health
Beth-car, the house of the lamb
Beth-dagon, the house of corn, or of fish
Beth-diblathaim, house of dry figs
Bethel, the Beth (Hebrew)|house of God
Bethemek, house of deepness
Bether, division, or in the trial
Bethesda, house of pity or mercy
Beth-ezal, a neighbor’s house
Beth-gader, a house for a mouse
Beth-gamul, house of recompense, or of the camel
Beth-haccerem, house of the vineyard
Beth-haran, house of grace
Beth-horon, house of wrath
Beth-lebaoth, house of lionesses
Beth-lehem, (Hebrew) house of bread
Beth-marcaboth, house of bitterness wiped out
Beth-meon, house of the dwelling-place
Beth-millo, Kings :
Beth-nimrah, house of leopards
Beth-palet, house of expulsion
Beth-pazzez, house of dividing asunder
Beth-peor, house of gaping, or opening
Bethphage, house of my month, or of early figs
Beth-phelet, same as Beth-palet
Beth-rapha, house of health
Bethsaida, house of fruits, or of food, or of snares
Bethshan, Beth-shean, house of the tooth, or of ivory, or of sleep
Beth-shemesh, Beth (Hebrew)|house of the sun
Bethuel, filiation of God
Beth-zur, house of a rock
Betonim, bellies
Beulah, married
Bezai, eggs
Bezaleel, in the shadow of God
Bezek, lightning; in the chains
Bezer, vine branches
Bichri, first-born; first fruits
Bidkar, in compunction, or sharp pain
Bigthan, in the press; giving meat
Bigvai, in my body
Bildad, old friendship
Bileam, the ancient of the people; the devourer
Bilgah, ancient countenance
Bilhah, timid
Bilshan, in the tongue
Binea, son of the Lord
Binnui, building
Birsha, an evil; a son who beholds
Bishlam, in peace
Bithiah, daughter or worshiper of the Yah
Bithron, divisions
Bithynia, violent precipitation
Bizjothjah, despite
Blastus, that buds or brings forth
Boanerges, son of thunder
Boaz, a pillar of strength
Bocheru, the first born
Bochim, the place of weeping; or of mulberry-trees
Bohan, in them
Boskath, in poverty
Boson, taking away
Bozez, mud; bog
Bozrah, in tribulation or distress
Bukki, void
Bukkiah, the dissipation of the Lord
Bul, old age; perishing
Bunah, building; understanding
Bunni, building me; my understanding
Buz, despised; plundered
Buzi, my contempt

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