AaronBiblical and Quranic characterMale
Abaddonangel of destructionMale
Abagthabiblical characterMale
Abanariver described in the Bible
Abdabiblical figureMale
AbdeelHuman biblical figureMale
Abdielseraph, named after Abdiel from Paradise LostMale
AbdielHuman biblical figure from Old TestamentMale
AbdonJudge of IsraelMale
Abednegoone of the three youths thrown into the furnace in the Book of DanielMale
AbelBiblical figureMale
Abezethiboufallen angel
((Ramayana)) ((King Trisanku)) ((Male))
AbiasaphHuman biblical figure; child of Asaph, king David’ CourtMale
Abiatharbiblical characterMale
Abidason of MidianMale
Abidanbiblical characterMale
Abielbiblical figureMale
Abigailperson in Bible, wife of DavidFemale
Abigailperson in Bible, sister of David, mother of AmasaFemale
Abihuhuman biblical characterMale
AbihudBiblical characterMale
Abijah of JudahFourth king of the House of DavidMale
AbimaelBiblical figureMale
AbimelechHuman biblical figureMale
AbimelechIn the Biblical book of JudgesMale
AbinadabHuman biblical figure from Bible
Abinadab, germà de DavidHuman biblical figureMale
Abiramgiven name and human biblical figureMale
Abishagbiblical characterFemale
Abitalbiblical figureFemale
Abnerbiblical character, cousin to Saul and commander-in-chief of his armyMale
Abrabiblical character, maid of Judith of the Book of JudithFemale
AbrahamBiblical patriarchMale
Abraham in IslamQu’ranic prophet and human biblical figure from BibleMale
Absalombiblical characterMale
Achanbiblical character (Joshua 7); executed by stoningMale
AchimBiblical character, son of ZadokMale
Achishbiblical characterMale
Acts of Solomonlost text referred to in 1 Kings 11:41: “And the rest of the acts of Solomon […], are they not written in the book of the acts of Solomon?”
AdaBiblical figureFemale
Adambiblical figure in the Book of GenesisMale
Adam and EveBiblical figures
Adbeel3rd son of IshmaelMale
AdicaHuman biblical figureMale
Adinahwife of LabanFemale
Adinahdaughter of JobabFemale
Adonijahbiblical characterMale
AdoniramHuman biblical figureMale
AdonizedekHuman biblical figureMale
AdrielHuman biblical figureMale
AeneasHuman biblical figureMale
Ænonsite, mentioned in the Gospel of John (3:23) as the place where John the Baptist was baptizing
Agagbiblical characterMale
Agrat Bat Mahlatangel in JudaismFemale
Agurbiblical characterMale
Ahasuerusname of one or more kings of Persia in the Hebrew Bible (Esther, Ezra, Daniel), cognate to the Greek form Xerxes or ArtaxerxesMale
Ahazking of JudahMale
Ahaziah of JudahKing of JudahMale
Ahijah the ShiloniteBiblical prophetMale
Ahikambiblical characterMale
AhimaazHuman biblical figure from BibleMale
Ahimelechbiblical characterMale
Ahinoambiblical characterFemale
Ahitophelbiblical characterMale
Alphaeusbiblical characterMale
AlukahBiblical monster
Amalécitestribe from Bible
Amalekbiblical characterMale
AmalekiterHistorical ethnical group, named after Amalek from Bible
Amasabiblical characterMale
Amaziah of JudahKing of JudahMale
Ambrielangel in Judaism and angel in Christianity
Ammielname of several biblical characters
Amminadabbiblical figureMale
Amnonbiblical characterMale
Amon of JudahKing of JudahMale
AmosHebrew prophetMale
Amozfather of prophet IsaiahMale
Amramhuman biblical characterMale
AmraphelOpponent of Abram mentioned in Genesis 14Male
Amyfallen angel
AnahHuman biblical figureMale
Anahbiblical character, son of ZibeonMale
Anah’s wifeHuman biblical figureFemale
AnakHuman biblical figure from BibleMale
Ananefallen angel in Christian mythology
Ananielfallen angel
Ancient of Daysname for God in the Book of Daniel
Andrewreligious figure of the Christian faithMale
AnerHuman biblical figureMale
AnnaHuman biblical figure from Book of TobitFemale
Annabiblical figure mentioned in the Gospel of LukeFemale
Arakielfallen angel
Arambiblical figureMale
Ararielangel in Judaism
ArdHuman biblical figure, named after Ard
Ardbiblical characterMale
Aridahdaughter of JobabFemale
Arielarchangel found primarily in Jewish and Christian mysticism and ApocryphaMale
AriochHuman biblical figureMale
Armarosfallen angel
Arpachshadin the Bible, son of Shem, the son of NoahMale
Asa of Judahking of the Kingdom of JudahMale
Asaphmultiple persons in the Hebrew Bible: father of Joah (2 Kings 18:18-37); son of Berachiah the Gershonite (2 Chron. 20:14); descendant of Kohath (1 Chron. 26:1); keeper of the king’s forest under Artaxerxes I (Neh. 2:8)
Asaph, son of Berachiahperson in the Bible; commissioned by King David to worship God in song and music (1 Chron 15:17; 2 Chron 20:14)Male
AsenathBiblical characterFemale
AsherBiblical figureMale
Ashkenazdescendant of Noah in the Hebrew BibleMale
AshurHuman biblical figure from BibleMale
AthaliahQueen of JudahFemale
Awancharacter in Book of Jubilees; wife and sister of Cain and the daughter of Adam and EveFemale
Azazelold ritual, later – demonMale
Azorcharacter in New TestamentMale
Azraelangel in some Abrahamic religions; often identified with the angel of deathMale
Azubahbiblical characterFemale
AzuraHuman biblical figure from JubileesFemale
Baal-Hamona place where Solomon had an extensive vineyard (Cant. 8:11)
BalaamBiblical prophetMale
Balaam’s Assfemale donkey owned by Balaam, which is miraculously given the power to speak and complains to her owner (Num. 22:28)Female Organism
Balakbiblical characterMale
BarabbasBiblical personMale
Barachielangel in Judaism and angel in ChristianityMale
Barakbiblical characterMale
Baraqielfallen angel
Bartimaeusbiblical characterMale
Baruch ben Neriahbiblical characterMale
Barzilai the GiladiHuman biblical figureMale
BasemathA figure in the Book of Genesis. She was the daughter of Ishmael and the third wife of EsauFemale
Batarielfallen angel
BathshebaBiblical figureFemale
Behemothbiblical creature
BelaHuman biblical figure; child of BenjaminMale
Bela ben BeorHuman biblical figure (†102)Male
BelshazzarBiblical king of Babylonia in the Book of DanielMale
Ben-AmmiBiblical figure; son of Lot, patriarch of the AmmonitesMale
Ben-Hadad IKing of Aram DamascusMale
Benaiahbiblical characterMale
BenjaminBiblical characterMale
BeraHuman biblical figure, king ♂Male
besessener GerasenerHuman biblical figure from synoptic gospelsMale
Bethuelbiblical characterMale
Bezalelbiblical characterMale
Bezalielfallen angel
biblical characterpeople mentioned in the Old Testament or the New Testament
Biblical Magigroup of distinguished foreigners who visited Jesus after his birth
Biblical placeplace mentioned in the Bible
Bigtabiblical characterMale
Bildadcharacter from Book of JobMale
Bilhahbiblical characterFemale
Binding of Isaacstory from the Hebrew Bible
BlastusBiblical character from BibleMale
Boazmajor figure in The Book of Ruth in the BibleMale
boy possessed by a demonHuman biblical figure from Mark 9, Matthew 17, and Luke 9Male
Bunahhead of a family of the Tribe of JudahMale
CainBiblical figureMale
Cain and AbelBiblical figures
Calebbiblical character; son of Jephunneh; representative of the Tribe of Judah during the Israelites’ journey to the Promised Land (Num. 13:6)Male
Camaelangel, angel in Judaism, and angel in Christianity
Canaanson of Ham in the Hebrew BibleMale
CelidoniusHuman biblical figureMale
Chazaqielfallen angel
ChedorlaomerHuman biblical figure from Bible and Book of GenesisMale
Child JesusJesus as a child up to the age of 12Male
Child Saint JohnSt John the Baptist as a child
ChileabHuman biblical figureMale
Chilionbiblical characterMale
CholFictional bird from Bible
CidnoBiblical character from Book of Genesis
Cleopasbiblical characterMale
ClopasHuman biblical figure (†1)Male
Confusion of tonguesBiblical myth upon the diversity of human languages
Cornelius the CenturionRoman centurionMale
Cozbibiblical characterFemale
Cushbiblical characterMale
Cyrus the GreatKing and founder of the Achaemenid EmpireMale
DamarisGreek saintFemale
Danfounder of the Israelite Tribe of DanMale
Danielfallen angel in the Book of Enoch
Danielprotagonist in the Book of Daniel of the Hebrew BibleMale
Dante’s Satanfallen angel
Darío el MedoHuman biblical figure; child of AhasuerusMale
Darius the Medebiblical characterMale
DathanBiblical characterMale
Daughter of JephthahHuman biblical figure ♀; child of JephthahFemale
Davidking of Israel and JudahMale
DeborahBiblical prophetessFemale
Delilahwoman described in the Book of JudgesFemale
Dinahdaughter of Jacob in Hebrew BibleFemale
Diotrephesbiblical character mentioned in the Third Epistle of JohnMale
disciple whom Jesus lovedphrase found in the Gospel of John (21:20 etc.), traditionally identified with John the Evangelist and John the ApostleMale
Dobielangel in Judaism
Dodanimbiblical characterMale
Doeg the Edomitebiblical characterMale
Dumahangel in Judaism
Dumahbiblical characterMale
EbedHuman biblical figureMale
Ebed-Melecheunuch and human biblical figure from Bible and JeremiahMale
EberGreat-grandson of Noah’s son ShemMale
Ecce HomoLatin words used by Pontius Pilate in the Vulgate translation of the John 19:5
Edartower mentioned in the Bible
EfronHuman biblical figureMale
EglahHuman biblical figureFemale
EglonHuman biblical figure from Bible and JudgesMale
Ehudbiblical characterMale
Eishethangel in JudaismFemale
Elahbiblical personMale
ElamBiblical character, son of ShemMale
Eldad and MedadTwo biblical humans from Numbers
EleazarHuman biblical figureMale
EleazarBiblical character, son of EliudMale
EleazarBiblical warriorMale
Eleazarcharacter from 2 Maccabees; described as a martyrMale
EleazarHuman biblical figureMale
EleazarHebrew Bible priest; son of AaronMale
EliHigh Priest of ShilohMale
ElíHuman biblical figureMale
EliakimBiblical character, son of HilkiahMale
EliakimBiblical character, son of AbihudMale
Eliezerbiblical character, servant of AbrahamMale
Eliezerson of MosesMale
Eliezer of Damascusservant of Abraham
Elihugiven nameMale
ElijahBiblical prophetMale
Elimelekhuman biblical characterMale
Elioudangel in Judaism
Eliphazcharacter from Book of GenesisMale
Eliphazcharacter from Book of Job; the first of the three visitors of JobMale
ElishaBiblical Prophet who came after ElijahMale
ElishahBiblical character, son of JavanMale
ElishebaHuman biblical figureFemale
EliudBiblical character, son of AchimMale
Elizabethmother of John the Baptist and the wife of Zacharias/Zachary, according to the Gospel of LukeFemale
Elohimhuman biblical characterMale
Elonbiblical figureMale
ElonJudge of IsraelMale
EnochSon of Cain (Biblical figure)Male
EnochBiblical figure, son of JaredMale
Enoch in JudaismJewish view of Enoch, son of JaredMale
EnosBiblical figureMale
EphahAncient cities
EphrathBiblical character and Biblical place
Ephrathbiblical character; wife of Caleb, mother of Hur (1 Chron. 2:19)Female
Erbiblical character; eldest son of Judah; husband of Tamar; killed by God due to his wickedness, although no details are givenMale
Esauolder son of Isaac in the Hebrew BibleMale
EstherBiblical queen of PersiaFemale
Eternal sinin Christianity, sin which will not be forgiven by God, as specified in the Synoptic Gospels (Mk 3:28-29, Mt 12:31–32, Lk 12:10)
Ethanbiblical characterMale
Ethiopian eunucha biblical figure who was baptised in the New TestamentMale
Evebiblical figureFemale
EzekielOld Testament saintMale
Ezekiel’s cherub in Edenangel in Judaism and angel in Christianity
EzemHebrew Bible place
Ezrafigure in early Jewish historyMale
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypsefigures, described in Book of Revelation 6:1–8; 4 beings on white, red, black and pale horses that appear after the Lamb of God opens the first 4 of the 7 seals; commonly interpreted as Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death
GaalHuman biblical figureMale
Gaapfallen angelMale
Gabrielangel in Abrahamic religionsMale
Gadbiblical character, son of JacobMale
Gadperson in the Hebrew Bible; personal prophet of David (1 Sam 22:5; 2 Sam 24:11–13; 2 Sam 24:18; 1 Chron 21:18; 1 Chron 29:29)Male
Gadreelfallen angel
Gamiginfallen angel
Gedaliahbiblical characterMale
Gehazibiblical characterMale
Genesis flood narrativebiblical story of the great flood
Gershomfirstborn son of Moses and ZipporahMale
Geshem the Arabianbiblical characterMale
GetherBiblical character, son of AramMale
Gideonin the Biblical book of JudgesMale
Gog and Magogpair of apocalyptic figures in the Bible (Ezek. 38:2–21; Rev. 20:8)
Goliathgiant Philistine warrior defeated by the young David, the future king of Israel, in Bible’s Books of SamuelMale
GomerMythical character and human biblical figure from BibleMale
Great CommandmentJesus’s paraphrase of the Old Testament: “Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord: And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength” (Mk 12:29–30)
Great Commissionwords of Jesus in Matthew 28:19–20: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you”
Hadadson of IshmaelMale
Hadad ben BedadHuman biblical figureMale
Hadadezerbiblical characterMale
Hadadezer bar RehobHuman biblical figure from BibleMale
HadoramHuman biblical figure from BibleMale
Hadranielangel in Judaism and angel in Christianity
Hagarbiblical characterFemale
HamBiblical figure, son of NoahMale
HamanBiblical figureMale
Hammedathafather of Haman in the Book of Esther (Esth 3:1)
Hamorbiblical characterMale
HamutalHuman biblical figureFemale
Hananibiblical character
Hanielangel in Judaism
hapax legomenahapax legomenon from Bible
HaradahBiblical place from Bilangan 33
Haranbiblical characterMale
Harbonabiblical characterMale
Hashmalangel in Judaism
Havilahbiblical character, son of Cush
Healing the paralytic at Capernaummiracles of Jesus from Mark 2, Matthew 9, and Luke 15
Heber the Kenitecharacter in the Book of JudgesMale
Hebronbiblical figure: son of Kohath and grandson of LeviMale
Hethfigure from the Bible
HezekiahKing of JudahMale
HilkiahHuman biblical figureMale
HilkiahHuman biblical figureMale
HobabBiblical figure
Hoglahbiblical character, daughter of ZelophehadFemale
Holofernesfigure in the Book of Judith; invading general of Nebuchadnezzar, beheaded by JudithMale
Holy Lanceaccording to the Gospel of John, lance that pierced the side of Jesus as he hung on the cross
Homosexuality in the New TestamentPart of Christianity and homosexuality and The Bible and homosexuality from New Testament
Hophnibiblical characterMale
Hophni and PhinehasSibling duo and two biblical humans from Bible
Hoseabiblical characterMale
HulHuman biblical figure from BibleMale
Huldahbiblical characterFemale
Hurbiblical character; companion of Moses and Aaron (Exod. 17:10–12)Male
Hushimbiblical character
IbharHuman biblical figureMale
Ibzanin the Bible, one of the Judges of IsraelMale
Inmanuela Hebrew name appeared in the Book of IsaiahMale
inverted nunglyph used in Hebrew to enclose portions of text; found 9 times in the Masoretic Text of the Bible: twice in Num. 10:35–36; 7 times in Psalm 107
IradBiblical figureMale
IsaacBiblical characterMale
IsaiahHebrew prophetMale
Iscahname of a person mentioned in the Hebrew bible, Genesis 11:29Female
Ish-boshethbiblical characterMale
Ishbakbiblical characterMale
Ishmaelson of AbrahamMale
Issacharbiblical characterMale
Ithamarbiblical characterMale
Ithobaal IPhoenician kingMale
Ithreamson of David and EglahMale
Izharbiblical characterMale
JabalBiblical figureMale
JabezHuman biblical figure from Bible and 1 Chronicles
Jabinperson from the Bible
Jacobthird patriarch of the Hebrew people with whom God made a covenantMale
JacobBiblical character, son of MatthanMale
Jacob’s Ladderladder to heaven that the biblical Patriarch Jacob dreams about
Jacob’s WellBiblical place at the West Bank
Jahleelbiblical figureMale
Jairin the Bible, one of the Judges of IsraelMale
Jaïruscharacter from the New TestamentMale
Jairus’ daughterHuman biblical figure ♀; child of JaïrusFemale
JakinHuman biblical figure from BibleMale
JambresMagician who opposed Moses in ExodusMale
Jamesmajor religious figure in Christian tradition and one of the Twelve ApostlesMale
JamlikuBiblical characterMale
JanaiBiblical character
JannesMagician who opposed Moses in ExodusMale
JaphethBiblical figure, son of NoahMale
JaredBiblical figureMale
Jaserbiblical place
Jason of TarsusAnatolian saintMale
JavanBiblical character, son of JaphethMale
JeconiahKing of JudahMale
JefunneHuman biblical figureMale
Jegudielangel, angel in Judaism, and angel in ChristianityMale
Jehoahaz of JudahKing of JudahMale
Jehoash of Judahbiblical characterMale
Jehoelangel in Judaism
JehoiadaBiblical characterMale
JehoiakimKing of JudahMale
Jehonadabcharacter in 2 Kings, son of RechabMale
Jehoram of JudahKing of Ancient JudahMale
Jehoshaphatfourth king of the Kingdom of JudahMale
JehoshebaHuman biblical figure from BibleFemale
JehuHuman biblical figure and prophet (900BC–900BC)Male
Jemimaeldest daughter of Job in the Bible
Jephthahbiblical characterMale
JerachmeelHuman biblical figure from BibleMale
JerahmeelHuman biblical figureMale
JeremiahBiblical prophetMale
JerimothBiblical characterMale
Jesseperson in Hebrew Bible and New Testament; father of DavidMale
Jesus and the rich young manBiblical episode, part of Mark 10, Matthew 19, and Luke 18 from Gospel of Mark, Gospel of Matthew, and Gospel of Luke
Jesus Christcentral figure of ChristianityMale
Jesus in the synagogue of Capernaummiracles of Jesus from Gospel of Mark
Jesus JustusHuman biblical figureMale
Jethrobiblical character; Moses’ father-in-law, a Kenite shepherd and priest of MidianMale
Jeturson of IshmaelMale
Jeushbiblical characterMale
Jezebelbiblical Phoenician princessFemale
JoabBiblical figureMale
Joahe son of Asaphrecorder under King Hezekiah (2 Kings 18:18, 2 Kings 18:26; Isaiah 36:3, Isaiah 36:11, Isaiah 36:22)Male
JoashBiblical figure
JobBiblical figureMale
Job’s wifeHuman biblical figure from JobFemale
Jobabbiblical figureMale
Jochebedhuman biblical characterFemale
John the Apostleapostle of Jesus; son of Zebedee and Salome, brother of James,; traditionally identified with John the Evangelist, John of Patmos, and the Beloved DiscipleMale
John the Baptistmajor religious figureMale
JokshanHuman biblical figureMale
JoktanSon of Eber in the bibleMale
Jonadabcharacter in 2 Samuel; son of ShimeahMale
Jonathanheroic figure in 1 SamuelMale
Jonathanfigure appearing in the account of Micah’s Idol in the Book of JudgesMale
Jophielangel in Judaism and angel in ChristianityMale
Josephcatholic saint, husband of Mary and stepfather of JesusMale
JosephBiblical character, son of JacobMale
Joseph of Arimatheadisciple of Jesus, donated his own prepared tomb for the burial of JesusMale
JosesBrother of JesusMale
Joshuafigure in the TorahMale
Joshua the High Priestbiblical characterMale
JosiahKing of JudahMale
Jotamfabelnarrative from Judges
Jotham of JudahKing of JudahMale
JubalBiblical figureMale
Judahfigure in the Hebrew BibleMale
Judah’s wifedaughter of ShuahFemale
Jude, brother of Jesusone of the four brothers of Jesus mentioned in the New Testament; traditionally identified with Judas Thaddeus the ApostleMale
JudithOne of the two Hittite wives of Esau in the Book of GenesisFemale
Judithbiblical character of the Book of JudithFemale
Juniahuman biblical characterFemale
KartlosGeorgian mythological characterMale
Kedemahson of IshmaelMale
KemuelHuman biblical figure
Kenanbiblical figureMale
Keren-happuchdaughter of Job, named in the Bible
Kesibbiblical place
Keturahbiblical characterFemale
Keziahbiblical character; second of the three daughters of Job
King of Judahhead of the former kingdom of Juda
KittimBiblical figureMale
Kohathson of Levi and patriarchal founder of the KohathitesMale
KokabielAngel in Christianity and fallen angel
Korahhuman biblical characterMale
Korban omersacrifice from Leviticus
Labanson of Bethuel, brother of Rebekah described in the Book of GenesisMale
Lailahangel in Judaism
LamechBiblical figure, father of NoahMale
LamechBiblical figure, descendant of CainMale
Lamechtwo figures in the Bible who lived before the flood
Land of Uzlocation mentioned in the Hebrew Bible; the abode of Job
Lazarus of Bethanyreligious figure, died and was brought back to lifeMale
Lazarus the Beggarbiblical figure mentioned in the Gospel according to Luke; sometimes identified with Lazarus of Bethany in the Gospel according to JohnMale
LeahBiblical matriarchFemale
LebonahBiblical place from Judges
Legiona demon mentioned in the New Testament
LeviOld Testament characterMale
Leviathansea monster referenced in the Tanakh
life of Jesus in the New Testamentlife of Jesus as told in the New Testament
Lo-AmmiHuman biblical figure; child of Hosea and GomerMale
Lo-Ruhamachild of the biblical prophet HoseaFemale
Lotperson mentioned in the biblical Book of Genesis and the QuranMale
Lot’s wifeperson mentioned in the biblical Book of GenesisFemale
Luciferanother name for Satan or the name for the “Morning star” (the planet Venus, or other stars)Male
Ludbiblical characterMale
Lydia of ThyatiraHuman biblical figure and cloth merchant (100–100) ♀Female
MaacahHuman biblical figure ♀Female
MaacahHuman biblical figure from BibleFemale
MachirHuman biblical figure from BibleMale
MadaiBiblical character, son of GomerMale
Mag MaginetBiblical character
MagogSon of Japheth in Genesis 10, and people descended from himMale
MahalalelBiblical figureMale
Mahalathbiblical characterFemale
Mahlahbiblical character, daughter of ZelophehadFemale
MahlonHuman biblical figure, part of Mahlon and ChilionMale
MaholHuman biblical figure
Manassehhusband of Judith (Jud 8:2: “And Manasses was her husband, of her tribe and kindred, who died in the barley harvest.”)Male
Manasseh of JudahKing of JudahMale
Manoahbiblical characterMale
MaozimFrom Bible and Book of Daniel
Marchosiasfallen angel
Mark the cousin of BarnabasHuman biblical figureMale
Marthabiblical figureFemale
Maryreligious figure and mother of Jesus of NazarethFemale
Mary Magdalenefollower of JesusFemale
Mary of Romeperson in Apostle Paul’s Epistle to the Romans (16:6)Female
Mary, mother of Jamesmother of James (the Less) and JosephFemale
Mashbiblical figure, son of AramMale
Massason of IshmaelMale
MatatàHuman biblical figureMale
MatthanBiblical character, son of EleazarMale
Matthew the ApostleChristian evangelist and apostleMale
MehujaelBiblical figureMale
MehumanHuman biblical figure, Kämmerer, and courtier ♂Male
Melchizedekperson in the Bible; King of Salem and priest of the Most High (Gen. 14)Male
MeleàHuman biblical figureMale
MennàHuman biblical figureMale
Mephiboshethbiblical characterMale
Merabelder daughter of SaulFemale
Merathaimtoponym in Jeremiah 50:21: “Go up against the land of Merathaim, even against it, and against the inhabitants of Pekod: waste and utterly destroy after them […]”; sometimes interpreted as Babylon
Meredbiblical characterMale
MerushahHuman biblical figureFemale
Meshachone of the three youths thrown into the furnace in the Book of DanielMale
Meshechbiblical figureMale
Metatronarchangel in JudaismMale
MethusaelBiblical figureMale
MethuselahBiblical figureMale
MibsamBiblical figureMale
Micaiahbiblical characterMale
Michaelarchangel in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic teachingsMale
Michaldaughter of Saul, king of IsraelFemale
Midianplace mentioned in the bible
MidianHistorical ethnical group from Bible and Quran
Midianson of Abraham in the bibleMale
MilcahBiblical characterFemale
Milcahbiblical character, daughter of ZelophehadFemale
Miriamsister of Moses and AaronFemale
Mishmason of IshmaelMale
MizparHuman biblical figure
Mizraimbiblical characterMale
Moabperson mentioned in the biblical Book of GenesisMale
MoladHuman biblical figureMale
MordecaiBiblical jewMale
Moriahmassif in Jerusalem from Book of Genesis
Mosesperson, mentioned in the Torah (Pentateuch) and in the Quran, who led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt to CanaanMale
mother of ZibeonHuman biblical figureFemale
Mountains of Araratlocation mentioned in Genesis as place where Noah’s Ark came to rest after the great flood
Naamahwife of SolomonFemale
NaamahJewish demonic creatureFemale
Naamahdaughter of EnochFemale
NaamahBiblical figureFemale
Naamanbiblical characterMale
Naamanbiblical character, son of BelasMale
Naamathitebiblical character
NabalHuman biblical figure from BibleMale
Nabothbiblical characterMale
NachbiHuman biblical figure from BibleMale
NadabeHuman biblical figure; child of Aaron and ElishebaMale
NahorWikipedia disambiguation page
NahorBiblical character, son of SerugMale
Nahorbiblical character, son of TerahMale
Nahshonbiblical figureMale
Naked fugitivefigure mentioned in the Gospel of Mark, after the arrest of Jesus in Gethsemane: “a certain young man followed [Jesus], wearing nothing but a linen cloth; and they seized him, but he left the linen cloth and ran away naked” (Mk 14:51–52)Male
NaomiBiblical figure; Ruth’s mother-in-lawFemale
Naphish11th son of IshmaelMale
Nathanperson in the Hebrew BibleMale
NebaiothBiblical figureMale
Nebuchadnezzar IIking of the Neo-Babylonian EmpireMale
NebuzaradanHuman biblical figure from BibleMale
Necho IIEgyptian pharaohMale
Nelchaelfallen angel
New Testament people named JohnFrom New Testament
Nimrodking of ShinarMale
Nisrochfallen angel and godMale
Noabiblical character, daughter of ZelophehadFemale
NoahBiblical figureMale
Noah’s Arkthe vessel in the Genesis flood narrative
NoreaFigure in Gnostic cosmologyFemale
Nunhuman biblical characterMale
NurielAngel in Judaism
Obadiahcharacter in 1 Kings in the Hebrew BibleMale
ObadiahHebrew prophetMale
Obedson of Boaz and RuthMale
Ogbiblical characterMale
OmarHuman biblical figure from Book of Genesis, 1 Chronicles, and Books of ChroniclesMale
Onhuman biblical characterMale
Onanbiblical character; second son of Judah; killed by God due to his employing coitus interruptus in his levirate marriageMale
Ophirfictional country from Bible
Oreb and ZeebBiblical characterMale
OrpahHuman biblical figure from BibleFemale
Othnielbiblical characterMale
Our Lady of the Rosary of San NicolásHuman biblical figure in Argentina
Ouzaangel in Judaism
PaaraiHuman biblical figure; child of ЭзбайMale
Pahath-MoabHuman biblical figureMale
paralyticHuman biblical figureMale
Paroshbiblical characterMale
PedaiahHuman biblical figureMale
PelegBiblical characterMale
Penemuefallen angel
PeninnahA woman in the Hebrew or Christian Bible, mentioned in the Book of SamuelFemale
Perezfigure in the Hebrew BibleMale
Peterapostle and first popeMale
Pharaoh’s daughterfigure in the Hebrew Bible who is described as marrying Solomon to cement a political alliance between the United Monarchy of Israel and EgyptFemale
Pharoahbiblical figure, king of Egypt in the time of AbrahamMale
Phenexfallen angel
Phinehasbiblical characterMale
Phinehasson of EliMale
Phutson of Ham according to Hebrew BibleMale
Pilate washing his handsPassion of Christ
Potipharbiblical person in the Book of Genesis’s account of JosephMale
Potiphar’s wifecharacter from the Old TestamentFemale
Pravuilangel in Judaism
prodigal sonmain character of the Parable of the Prodigal SonMale
PuahHuman biblical figure and midwife ♀Female
QedarHuman biblical figure
Queen of Shebabiblical figureFemale
Quod scripsi, scripsi“What I have written, I have written” in Latin; words of Pontius Pilate, according to the Gospel of John (19:22), in response to complaints by the Jewish priests about the title “King of the Jews” affixed to the cross
RaamahBiblical character from Book of Genesis
RabshakehHuman biblical figure and official ♂Male
RachelBiblical matriarchFemale
Rahabbiblical figureFemale
Raising of Jairus’ daughtermiracles of Jesus and artistic theme from Gospel of Mark and Mark 5
Ramfigure in the Hebrew BibleMale
RamathiteHuman biblical figure
RamielAngel in Christianity and fallen angelMale
RaphaHuman biblical figure from BibleMale
RaphaelArchangel featuring in Book of TobitMale
Razielangel in Judaism and angel in ChristianityMale
RebeccaBiblical characterFemale
Rehoboamking of the Kingdom of JudahMale
Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holypart of the Ten Commandments (Exod. 20:8–11)
ReuBiblical characterMale
Reubeneldest son of Jacob with Leah, in the BibleMale
Reuelbiblical figure, son of EsauMale
Rezinbiblical characterMale
RiphathPerson from the BibleMale
Ritual Decalogueset of commandments found in Exodus 34:11–26; according to scholars the original reference of Exodus 34:28 (“[Moses] wrote upon the tables the words of the covenant, the ten words”), instead of the (ethical) Decalogue of Exod. 20
Rosierfallen angel
Rufusfirst-century Christian mentioned in Mark 15:21 with his brother Alexander, son of Simon the CyrenianMale
Rufus of ThebesNumbered among the Seventy DisciplesMale
Sabtahbiblical figure
Sachielangel in Judaism and angel in Christianity
Saint Peter’s mother-in-lawHuman biblical figure ♀Female
Salomonbiblical figure; member of the tribe of Judah, the son of Nahshon, husband of Rahab, father of Boaz, great-great-grandfather of DavidMale
Samaelarchangel in Talmudic and post-Talmudic loreMale
Samaritan woman at the wellChristian SaintFemale
SamsonJudge of ancient Israel, known for wielding supernatural strengthMale
SamuelBible characterMale
SamyazaAngel in Christianity and fallen angel
Sanballat the Horonitebiblical characterMale
Sandalphonarchangel, Angel of the Presence, and angel in Christianity
Sara (wife of Tobias)Human biblical figure from Book of TobitFemale
SarahBiblical characterFemale
Sarielarchangel of Judaic traditionMale
SatanChristian devilMale
Satharielfallen angel
Saulfirst king of the united Kingdom of IsraelMale
Scapegoatancient jewish ritual
Schela (Altes Testament)Human biblical figure from BibleMale
SchelemjaHuman biblical figure from Bible
Seed of the womanexpression from Genesis 3:15: “the LORD God said unto the serpent, […] I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed […].”
Seirbiblical characterMale
SelaphielSaint, Archangel
Seredbiblical figureMale
Serpentof the bible
SerugBiblical characterMale
Setar (biblische Person)Human biblical figure from BibleMale
SethBiblical figureMale
Seven Spirits of Godexpression occurring 4 times in the Book of Revelation (1:4, 3:1, 4:5, 5:6); identified as “seven lamps of fire burning before the throne” (4:5) and “seven horns and seven eyes” of “a Lamb as it had been slain” (5:6)
Shadrachone of the three youths thrown into the fiery furnace in the Book of DanielMale
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednegothree characters in the Book of Daniel, who survive the fiery furnace
Shamgarbiblical characterMale
ShamsielAngel in Christianity and fallen angel
ShealtielBiblical characterMale
Shechemhuman biblical character; rapist of Dinah (Genesis 34)Male
ShelahBiblical character; third son of JudahMale
Shelemiahbiblical figureMale
ShelephBiblical character, son of JoktanMale
ShemBiblical figure, son of NoahMale
ShephatiahHuman biblical figure from 2 SamuelMale
Sherahbiblical character; appears only in 1 Chron 7:24, where she builds the three cities of Lower and Upper Beth-horon and Uzzen-sheerahFemale
Shilohfigure mentioned in Genesis 49:10 in Jacob’s benediction to Judah: “the sceptre will not depart from Judah […] until Shiloh comes […]”; sometimes interpreted as a Messianic prophecy
ShuaBiblical character; Canaanite; father-in-law of JudahMale
Sihonbiblical characterMale
SilasAncient Roman saint and bishopMale
SimeonBiblical character; second son of Jacob and LeahMale
SimeónHuman biblical figureMale
Simon of Cyreneman who was forced by the Romans to carry the cross of JesusMale
Siserabiblical characterMale
Sisera’s motherHuman biblical figure ♀Female
Solomonking of Israel and the son of DavidMale
Susannacharacter in the deuterocanonical additions to the Book of Daniel (for the section of the additions to Daniel, use Q35555488)Female
Susannadisciple of JesusFemale
Susanna and the Eldersartistic theme Susanna and the Elders
Talmaibiblical figureMale
Tamarhuman settlement
Tamardaughter of David’s son AbsalomFemale
Tamarbiblical character; wife of Er and Onan (Genesis 38)Female
TamielAngel in Christianity and fallen angel
TanninBiblical demon or monster
Tarshishbible city
TattenaiPersian Empire human biblical figure, פחה (*600BC)Male
TehomHuman biblical figure
Temason of IshmaelMale
TemanHuman biblical figureMale
Terahfigure in the Hebrew Bible; son of NahorMale
TertullusBiblical characterMale
TharbisCushite princessFemale
The Messiah’s Donkeyanimals in the Bible and donkey from New Testament
the woman taken in adulterysubject of a biblical story about JesusFemale
Theophilusbiblical characterMale
Theotokostitle given to Mary in Eastern Christianity
They have pierced my hands and my feetexpression found in Psalm 22:16; in Christianity, regarded as a prophecy of the crucifixion of Jesus
Thou shalt have no other gods before mepart of the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:2)
TidalHuman biblical figureMale
TimäusHuman biblical figureMale
Timnabiblical figureFemale
TirasMythical character and human biblical figure from BibleMale
Tirzahbiblical character, daughter of ZelophehadFemale
TobiasBiblical character, son of TobitMale
TobitBiblical characterMale
TogarmahSon of Gomer and Biblical nationMale
TolaJudge of Ancietn IsraelMale
Tolason of Issachar
tree of lifeterm used in the Hebrew Bible
Tribe of Ashertribes of Israel
Tribe of Benjamintribe, part of tribes of Israel from Bible
Tribe of Dantribes of Israel, tribe, people, and tribes of Israel from Bible
Tribe of Ephraimtribes of Israel
Tribe of Gadtribes of Israel
Tribe of Issachartribe, part of tribes of Israel from Bible
Tribe of Josephtribes of Israel
Tribe of Judahtribes of Israel
Tribe of Manassehtribe, part of tribes of Israel from Bible
Tribe of Naphtalitribes of Israel
Tribe of Simeontribes of Israel
Tribe of Zebulunin the Bible
Tryphena of RomeHuman biblical figureFemale
TubaengelAngel in Christianity from New Testament
TubalBiblical character, son of JaphethMale
Tubal-cainBiblical figureMale
Turielfallen angel
Ur Kaśdimcity, part of Biblical place from Bible
Uriah the Hittitebiblical characterMale
UrijahHuman biblical figure from BibleMale
Uzbiblical figureMale
UzHuman biblical figure from BibleMale
UzalHuman biblical figure from BibleMale
UzzahBiblical figure who died from touching the Ark of the CovenantMale
UzziahKing of JudahMale
VaniahBiblical figureMale
Vashticharacter in the Book of Esther; queen of Persia, who was banished by her husband, Ahasuerus, for refusal to appear during a banquetFemale
Vassagofallen angel and Goetic demon
Via, Veritas, Vitasentence (non-functional linguistics), phrase, motto, and term, part of I am published in Gospel of John from John 14
War in Heavenevent described in the Book of Revelations; war in heaven between angels led by Michael against those led by “the dragon”, “the devil and Satan”; the latter is defeated and thrown down to the earth
Watcherangel in Judaism and fallen angel from Bible
Whore of BabylonNew Testament symbolFemale
Widow of ZarephathBiblical character
Wife of ManoahHuman biblical figure from JudgesFemale
Wise woman of Abelbiblical characterFemale
Witch of Endorbiblical characterFemale
WofsiHuman biblical figure from BibleMale
Woman of TekoaHuman biblical figureFemale
Woman of the Apocalypsefigure described in Rev. 12; gives birth to a son, who is taken to heaven; afterwards the woman flees into the wilderness, is attacked by the Dragon, and sprouts wings to escape it; traditionally interpreted as Mary or the ChurchFemale
Wood of EphraimBiblical place and forest in Jordan from 2 Samuel 18
Yaelwoman in the Book of Judges; killed Sisera to deliver Israel from the troops of King JabinFemale
Yomielfallen angel
Zabad ben Natan ben AblaiHuman biblical figure and military personnel ♂Male
ZabbaiHuman biblical figureMale
Zabdihuman biblical characterMale
ZabudHuman biblical figureMale
Zadkielarchangel of freedom, benevolence, mercy, and the Patron Angel of all who forgive
Zadokbiblical characterMale
ZadokBiblical character, son of AzorMale
Zaqielfallen angel
ZebudahHuman biblical figureFemale
ZebulHuman biblical figureMale
Zebulunson of Jacob in the Old TestamentMale
Zechariahfigure in the Bible, priest, the husband of Elisabeth who is the cousin of Mary the mother of JesusMale
Zedekiahbiblical characterMale
Zelophehadbiblical characterMale
Zephaniahperson in the bibleMale
Zerahfigure in the Hebrew Bible; son of Judah and TamarMale
Zereshwife of Haman in the Book of Esther; advises him to prepare gallows to hang MordecaiFemale
ZerubbabelBiblical character; governor of the Persian Province of Judah; grandson of Jehoiachin, King of Judah; rebuilt the temple (Hag 2:23, Zech 4:6–10, Ezra 2:2, 3:2, 3:8, 4:2, 4:3, 5:2, Neh. 12:1, 1 Chr 3:19)Male
Zeruiahbiblical characterFemale
Zibeonbiblical characterMale
Zibiahbiblical characterFemale
ZillahBiblical figureFemale
Zilpahbiblical characterFemale
Zimranbiblical FigureMale
Zimriprince of the Tribe of SimeonMale
Zipporahbiblical characterFemale
Zorahgeographic location, archaeological site, and Biblical place in Israel from Bible, Joshua, and Judges
ЕвийHuman biblical figureMale
Паапан Рештакangel in Judaism and angel in Christianity, part of Armenian mythology
ФогармаHuman biblical figure from BibleMale
ХелкияHuman biblical figureMale
ЭзбайHuman biblical figureMale
יהודיHuman biblical figure from JeremiahMale
יונתן בן אביתרHuman biblical figure from BibleMale
ינוחBiblical place from 2 Raja-raja 15
סוא מלך מצריםAncient Egypt king ♂Male
פראםBiblical character
حصرونfictional character from Old Testament and gospelMale

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