Written by Frances J. Crosby, bef.

Thou who knowest all my weakness,
Thou whose eye my heart can see;
In my hour of deepest trial,
Let my faith take hold on Thee.

Firm and fearless may I ever
Tread the path designed for me;
And though thorns may sometimes pierce me,
Let my faith take hold on Thee.

Faith that smiles when skies are frowning,
Faith that mountains can remove,
Faith that purifies by suff’ring,
Calmly, sweetly works by love.

While I feel Thy presence with me,
While I feel Thy gracious hand,
Gladly will I do Thy bidding,
Only waiting Thy command.

Till the storms of life are over,
This my daily prayer shall be:
Lord, uphold me with Thy Spirit,
Let my faith abide in Thee.

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