Written by S T Francis

Let me sing, for the glory of heaven
Like a sunbeam has swept o’er my heart;
I would praise Thee for sins all forgiven,
For Thy love, which shall never depart.

If Thy works praise Thee, Giver of good,
If the sun shines his praise unto Thee,
If the wind, as it sighs through the wood,
Makes a murmur of song from each tree,

Then these lips, sure, a tribute shall bring,
Though unworthy the praises must be;
Shall all nature be vocal and sing,
And no psalm of rejoicing from me?

O wonderful, glorious Redeemer!
I would worship Thee, Savior Divine;
And rejoice, though surrounded with praises,
Thou wilt still hear a song such as mine.

A song of a sinner forgiven
and a song that is music to Thee
A song of a pilgrim to heaven.
Yes, a song from a sinner like me.


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