O’er the door of heaven’s kingdom
Are the words forever true,
‘If ye knock it shall be opened’-
Opened, sinner, yes, to you.

Sinner, come, why still delay?
Knock at mercy’s door today;
‘Lost and guilty,’ be thy plea,
Then ’twill open wide to thee.

Oh, how kind this proclamation
To the vilest sinner lost-
Perfect, free and full salvation,
Purchased at a boundless cost.

See the blessed invitation:
‘He that knocks may enter in’;
Will you now accept the offer,
Casting off your load of sin?

Have you long withstood His mercy?
Has your heart unfeeling grown?
‘He that knocketh here may enter,’
Is as sure as heaven’s throne.

Come, poor sinner, read the writing,
Knock at mercy’s door today;
Hear the love of God inviting,
Come and enter while you may.


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