Kenneth Copeland 2020 Prophecy

Kenneth Copeland

2020 Prophecies By Pastor Kenneth Copeland

2020 Prophetic Word From Kenneth Copeland
Word from the LORD on Tuesday – October 1, 2019
“Those politicians that refuse my call to unite and become the United States of America and not just America, those politicians that refuse to listen, those politicians that continue the pathway of hate, I will remove them from their place and I will remove their influence from the record books and I will remove their candle in their families and I will remove them from office and put somebody in there that will. That’s what the Spirit of God is saying.”

2020 Prophetic Word From Kenneth Copeland
Word From the LORD – October 13, 2019
“2020 Will be a year of great change.
Wonderful and magnificent changes in the Kingdom of God in the earth. Changes that will come because of insights, ideas and concepts directly from Jesus to His church by His mighty Spirit. Glorious concepts of how His laws work. The laws of governing increase and financial prosperity. The laws of the Spirit that release miracles and divine healing and manifestations of His Almighty power on the earth. New concepts of His love, His very person for He is love. Insights into the true power and strength of His joy.

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It will be days of political change. Great victories and great defeats, for the spiritual enemies of God and His People shall be crushed, spirits, not flesh and blood. But there are those on both sides of the political divide who refuse to listen to the Lord Advocate General of the church. Their dreams shall be dashed, their desires shall be wounded and they will be removed from their offices and replaced. Some by the ballot, some by tragedy, and some who in despair will quit and do something else.

This is my country, saith the Lord Jesus. It was founded by people who love me for the sole purpose of their love and desire to worship me and to worship the Almighty God and I will NEVER forget that!

2020 the year of change and manifested power saith the Lord.”

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Prophesying in 2020

Watch Brother Kenneth and Gloria Copeland on Believer’s Voice of Victory as they share why you can expect to see more prophesying in 2020, not only from prophets, but from born-again believers who pursue Him in prayer. Learn how we have the same anointing on our minds that Jesus had when He was ministering on the earth. It’s time for a doubling of the manifestations of God in 2020!


  1. How can anyone take this insane cult leader seriously? The Kingdome of God is not of this world, also please stop manipulating verses. I did see digging in you and decided to watch you and take notes. You needed 3 different verses from different testaments and different chapters to manipulate the Bible to appear as though it validated your claim. You were of course trying to make the Bible sound like it’s about money, giving you money.. The pathetic part of it was you only took 3 words from one of the verses you used because the sentence was about having a desire for money, wealthy, or material gain, it went on to say that it is like a bunch of thorns in which you cannot sew . You reap what you sew is not about money… The fruits you bear are fruits of the spirit,not wealth… Have you ever studied the description of the anti Christ in the Bible, the only thing it’s missing is the name Kenneth Copeland because it’s an exact description of you . I hope God forgives me for being so upset at your manipulating hard working people so you can get rich bring a scam artist… I don’t understand how you can hold a bible and say Christ’s name without bursting in flames. I showed my husband the clip of you acting like a foolish beggar when you were using lies again to stealore money from people who work , not beg for the money they earned.. You said flying commercial was like being in a tube full of demons. Your insane claim of needing to stand up with your hands up to pray or talk to God was just insulting . You do realize the Bible says don’t be like the hypocrites and heathens in the church or on the corner praying where people can see them. To do it privately , that it shows faith that you know God hears you . Our relationship with God is personal and a public display shows the lack of belief that God hears you, you’re thought.. Also , Jesus fulfilled the law.. Stop threatening people.. Jesus died for our sin. Kenneth Copeland is not an authority over that to repeal Christ’s sacrifice. He died for all of us, Christ didn’t die for us and say April Fool’s, he didn’t lie about dying for us . He died for the world , to save us, atonement for our sins. Please tell me, did Jesus sacrifice himself but was dishonest about why? Do you think he died in vein? Stop with your threats against others for your manipulating others into using your selfish motives to coerce others into using fear and shame of calling them sinners who are violating God… I can think of nothing more violating than your complete disregard and contempt for Jesus giving the ultimate sacrifice for the world just to have you dismiss and destroy that sacrifice by threatening his people with consequences that Christ died to prevent. I have never heard anyone with as much contempt for Christ as you. . Christ did not hang on a cross for 3 days so someone too lazy to work could instead scam innocent people by dismissing what Christ did and using him for a way to scan people . Go work for your money like the rest of us and quit using lies to steal from everyone else. You may have more money but you are severely poor within. Anyone who had happiness from money would have stopped once they had enough. It’s a reflection of your cold darkness inside that you need to keep taking more , you still have not filled the emptiness within , you never will, money can’t fill that void, only God can. With God we are rich and he requires no money to fill us with the richness of his love and power . I pity you. No happy person could dowhat you do, have hundreds of millions of dollars and scam senior citizens out of their grocery money, their money for medications, take foid from the mouths of children by scamming money from those who don’t have enough. scamming is STEALING ..You are taking money from people dishonestly. You reap what you sew. We all have to answer for our actions someday.. I pray for mercy when you have to face God and explain why you robbed his children that had so little, why you took when you had far more than you could ever use Greed is not of God, list is not of God. Theft is not of God, gluttony is not of God. The Bible says people like you had your riches on Earth , not to layuptreasaures on Earth , for their your reward. will be, to lay up riches in heaven, for those that is where their reward will be. Eternity is a long time for someone so greedy to exist without any riches .. You made your choice. Seems fitting for the right way to sentence people who’s extreme compulsion and greed was at the expense of causing millions of others who had little to go without. Their reward shall be great .. it is eternal.. Too bad your planes can’t fly you to heaven, At your age enjoy your. ” Things” you are running out of time before they are useless because God takes you. It’s just so sad to see a man your age, of your wealth still so driven to cheat others for more, you spent a lifetime scamming others to take everything you could get from them, to buy things, to brag about your money just to be to enslaved by your greed to even stop and enjoy them. Time is not on your side at your age. What a waste. A life lived taking and accumulating things, money, fame clear into old age just to be approaching the time to end up in a place where you can’t take it, you will have nothing, and you spent your whole life accumulating it, it’s all nothing. Hope it was worth it.

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