Jesus brought me to the mountain,
Where salvation echoes roll;
Living by the crystal fountain,
Which has made me fully whole.

Sound the tidings of salvation,
Let its echoes onward roll;
Praise the Lord, ye ransomed nation,
For He heals the wounded soul.
Hear the echoes roll,
‘Tis the blood of Jesus
That has sanctified my soul.

Jesus brought me back to Eden,
Where the sun doth ever shine;
Precious, sweet, and pure redemption,
Hallelujah! It is mine.

Oh, the bliss of full salvation
Wakes the chords of melody,
In our hearts a sweet vibration
With all heaven’s minstrelsy.

Brother, when this life is ended,
On our pinions we shall rise,
Where the saints cannot be numbered,
In that world beyond the skies.

We shall reach the fields elysian,
When this mortal life is o’er;
Have a bright, immortal vision
On that ever-peaceful shore.

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