Written by Homer L. Cox

Oh, how well do I remember how I doubted day by day,
For I did not know for certain that my sins were washed away;
When the Spirit tried to tell me, I would not the truth receive;
I endeavored to be happy, and to make myself believe.

But it’s real, it’s real;
Oh, I know it’s real;
Praise God, the doubts are settled,
For I know, I know it’s real!

When the truth came close and searching, all my joy would disappear,
For I did not have the witness of the Spirit bright and clear;
If at times the coming judgment would appear before my mind,
Oh, it made me so uneasy, for God’s smile I could not find.

When the Lord sent faithful servants who would dare to preach the truth,
How my heart do so condemn me as the Spirit gave reproof!
Satan said at once, ” ‘Twill ruin you to now confess your state;
Keep on working and professing, and you’ll enter heaven’s gate.”

But at last I tired of living such a life of fear and doubt,
For I wanted God to give me something I would know about,
So the truth would make me happy and the light would clearly shine,
And the Spirit give assurance that I’m His and He is mine.

So I prayed to God in earnest, and not caring what folks said;
I was hungry for the blessing; my poor soul, it must be fed;
Then at last by faith I touched Him, and, like sparks from smitten steel,
Just so quick salvation reached me, oh, bless God, I know it’s real!


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