I have read within the Bible
How a sinner vile and low,
Need but come in faith to Jesus
To be washed as white as snow;
How the heart, so stained and wicked,
Hardened by the guilt of sin,
May be purified and softened,
Till the Lord will dwell within.

I have read within the Bible
What His favor will impart;
And, oh, glory! I have proved it,
Now ’tis true within my heart.

I have read how sin was conquered
When He bled upon the tree,
How its binding chains were broken
That the captives might be free;
How I need not still do evil,
And repent from day to day,
But should find His grace sufficient,
Keeping sinless all the day.

I have read how a believer,
One who knows his wrongs forgiv’n,
May be cleansed from sin completely,
Made as pure and clean as heav’n;
Have the very root of evil
From his being swept away,
Leaving in his joyous bosom
An unending sabbath day.

I have read and have believed it,
How the Holy Ghost would come,
In His power and His glory,
Make the heart of man His home;
Keep it as a sacred temple,
Seal its door to every foe,
And preserve it pure and holy
All life’s journey here below.


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