PROPHECY 2022 ONWARDS… Dangerous Things Are Going to Come…Prophet Sadhu Sundar

How to survive during the last days? God’s supernatural anointing and protection…

The days of the Lord been patient with the church and for putting up with her nonsenses has come to an end so either you out your life right or be kick out there’s only two ways either you out your life right or forever be left behind and to be left behind is a very dangerous thing because this left behind, it can work either way, either towards salvation or towards damnation.

When you are left behind without the covering of the lord, then you are in your own fighting for survival and that’s going to be terribly dangerous,terribly dangerous, and chances of survival under such u protective environment is very slim, so these wonderful year, I am firmly convinced of one thing, the years of 2020 and 2021, two years of extended Grace God gave to these people of God to put their lives right, because from 2022 onwards dangerous things are going to come, so through this ehhn.. covid 19 you know, sometimes that which is meant for evil God also use it for his purpose so for two partnor when Covid19 began in March of 2020 no one imagined it will last for eighteen months now, right?

Who would have thought that? okay it’s just a virus, okay it comes it stings a few people, and then it will be gone like all other viruses in the past, but these has lengthened from 2020 it spilled over to 2021 and then six, seven months of the year gone and we still do not see a simmering down of the virus just when thought it was simmering down another new strain developed called the Delta strain just when we thought that the Delta strain was worse enough it gave birth to another strain called the Delta plus, so now we are dealing with Delta and Delta plus. what’s next ? Delta plus plus ? what do we do out of this ? for about eighteen months now, practically the whole world is under lockdown and most of the governments encourage their people to work from home, so when you are working from home , you have leisure of time besides you are sensibly doing your work, you don’t need to travel so many hours and all the other stuffs so we have plenty of quality time. what did we do with that time ? did we invested that time to build up our inner man ? so, now I tell you one thing, in February of 2020 when we first heard about this Corona virus, the word if the Lord came unto me that this virus is still nothing,another worse one was coming, worse is going to come, that will be terribly worse than what we are seeing now . all these are agents to prepare us. so how much are we preparing?

That’s a big question mark. and worse plagues and diseases will come in these last days, the only covering is going to be the lord God of Isreal, just like how he supernaturally protected the children of Isreal during the ten plagues that came upon Egypt so you need to be supernaturally protected, right? in order to be supernaturally protected you need one very cardinal thing, that’s is convenant with the Lord God, the children of Isreal made a convenant with God and that convent was through the blood convenant through the passover, okay now,we are already passover the passover because the lord Jesus Christ is our passover so we don’t need to go to the fundermental anymore , however, there is a convenant and what is the convenant, walking with God. And that convenant can be found in Exodus chapter 19 versus 5 to 6(Exodus 19:5-6) Now therefore the Lord God spoke to the children of Isreal, if you will obey my voice and work according to my ways then I will be acorde to you and you shall be my people. so that is a convenant.

  1. They made the convenant they were supernaturally protected from all their enemies
  2. supernaturally provided for all their needs in the midst of lack, there was nothing in the wilderness you know, right ? no fast food, no slow food, no still food, no cold nothing. God rained down manner everyday for forty years, water was there, food was there , the basic necessity for survival was provided, secondly the clothing did not wear out

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  1. From Mauritius

    Dear Believers

    The present time getting most worrying.

    My small island state in the Indian Ocean. Sadly the worship of God by people not active.

    Need your prayers for My family as for years we have been target of attacks of all kinds.

    Lord Jesus is our Saviour and He alone takes us to know the Father our Creator.

    Kindly include us in your prayers and know that Lord Jesus already came and revealed the Commandments that we have to abide.

    Mauritius people sway by materialism and there ought to be acceptance that Lord Jesus will come back, seated on the right hand of the Father, on Judgement Day.

    Covid a sign that most other terrible events to come.

    Getting close to God means discover the pains and keeping the Words of God supreme above all else.

    Kindly include prayers for my family and country.

    2022 the year when time would show the fate of those that abide to His Bible revelations.

    Saving our souls remain first of all concerns.

    Keeping our hearts PURE and fill with love.

    May God hears my appeal

    Thank you

    April 1st 2022.

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