Indian Largest Church to Plant 40 More Megachurches


India’s largest church, Calvary Temple with more than 300,000 members said it’s on a mission to build 40 more megachurches in the country.

“I’ve been given the grace to pastor this church which is beyond my dream and imagination,” Pastor Kumar Satish told CBN News.

Most roads in Hyderabad on Sundays lead to Calvary Temple. Shortly after 4 a.m., side streets around the church here are already jammed.

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As church volunteers coordinate traffic, shuttle buses, auto rickshaws, and motorcycles ferry thousands of people, all trying to get here two hours ahead of Calvary’s first of five services that begin at 6 a.m.

By sunrise, the faithful have taken their seats. 

The main sanctuary holds 18,000 people supported by adjacent Bethlehem Hall with 15,000 and a third structure accommodating more than 3,000 more. 

Hundreds more watch on television screens scattered around the sprawling Calvary campus.

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Pastor Satish Kumar preaches all five services with the last one ending at 8 p.m.

The Church which started in 2005 with about two dozen people, today, boasts of over 300,000 members making it one of the largest churches in the world. Calvary Temple also has 11 satellite churches with plans for more nationwide expansion. The church also adds some 3,000 new believers each month in a sign that the Lord is moving mightily across the country, according to CBN News.

In addition, the church produces over 650 TV programs each month in 17 of the country’s major languages for broadcast on national television.

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“God’s hand is upon India, it’s a time for India to reach the lost, not only within the country but across the globe,” Kumar said. “It’s not only within the nation, but also in Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Gulf countries,” he added.

Millions more follow on social media. The reason for the church’s success?

“Preaching the pure Word of God is what attracts people, and practicing the Word of God is what keeps people within the church,” said Kumar.

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