Oh, my heart is full of gladness, and I cannot help but sing,
I am trusting all to Jesus, to His cross alone I cling;
He has pardoned and redeemed me, and my name is sealed above,
I am resting, sweetly resting in the sunlight of His love.

Resting in the sunlight of Jesus’ tender love,
Basking in the glory that lights the heav’n’s above;
Hearts are filled with wondrous delight,
Jesus brings us morning so bright,
While resting in His love.

There is joy beyond expression just believing in His name,
It is sweet to know His promise e’en the humblest ones may claim;
Every day His love surprises in its fullness rich and free,
And the nearness of His presence is a pure delight to me.

Come, oh, come and taste His goodness, come and in His glory share:
Come, ye weary, heavy-laden, cast on Him your every care;
Look to Jesus, oh, receive Him, and His wondrous name adore;
In the sunlight of His presence there is life forevermore!

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