I have a dear Savior, the best Friend I know,
While daily my life-race I run;
I’ll try to help others as onward I go,
And into His keeping bring one.

Yes, Father, send me with Thy message of peace-
The sinner can be made a son-
So when I get home, how my joy will increase
For bringing to Thee at least one.

So many are walking in pathways of sin,
Who gladly the evil would shun
If someone would help them the vict’ry to win;
To Jesus I’ll try to bring one.

So many grow weary and fall in the fight,
Their journey to heav’n just begun;
Perhaps they are watching my dim little light-
I’ll try in His name to bring one.

I’ll stand in the presence of Jesus my King
Someday when my work is all done:
With all of the ransomed I’ll joyfully sing,
If unto my Lord I bring one.

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