I will trust Thee, O my Father,
For Thy love shall never fail;
In Thy arms I rest forever,
Safe within the second veil.
Thee I trust for every blessing,
All I need is in Thy will;
On Thy promise calmly resting,
Thou dost every want fulfill.

I will trust Thee, loving Savior,
For salvation all the time;
And I’m joyful in Thy favor,
Thy eternal glory mine.
I will trust Thee, mighty Jesus,
And my soul can never fall;
Oh, I’m hid in God’s pavilion,
Trusting Him, my all in all.

I will trust Thee, fearing never,
All my doubts have fled away;
In my Jesus trusting ever,
I abide in perfect day.
I will trust in every trial,
In Thy providence confide;
Thou art with me in the furnace,
Thou art ever by my side.


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