Can I defeat my Savior’s plan,
Trample His mercy in the dust?
How can I longer doubting remain
If I but do what’s right and just?

I will no longer doubt Thee, O Lord,
I will forever stand on Thy word;
I will believe and simply trust,
Can I have faith? Yes, Lord, I must.

I will reject all doubts and fears,
I will believe and simply trust;
Thou hast said, ‘Cast on Me thy cares,’
Can I obey? Yes, Lord, I must.

Since I’m dependent, Lord, on Thee,
Why should I doubt Thy saving grace?
If, by resisting, Satan must flee,
Then I behold Thy smiling face.

Shall I bring grief and sorrow again
Into the heart of my dear Lord?
No, I’ll confess and honor His name,
I will believe His precious word.


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