There’s a fact no mortal ever can deny,
There’s a crisis we must surely, surely meet;
All that live upon this earth must shortly die,
And must answer at the great final judgment.

O God, I wake to sober thought,
And face eternity;
By sin I’m lost, by Jesus bought;
So, Lord, I come to Thee.

Have I slept while golden moments passed away,
Slept in darkness and exposed to endless woe?
Gracious Lord, I rise, and turn from sin today,
Seeking pardon through Thy long-slighted mercy.

Now my reason wakes, my life appears a dream;
Lord, I see my danger, oh, the horrid spell!
To my guilt I wake and stand amazed between
Awful fears of hell and hope’s ling’ring twilight.

Now, in dark review, I trace my squandered years,
Hope expires within as sinful life appears;
Yet, Thy face I see through all my bitter tears-
Blessed Jesus, Thou dost offer Thy mercy.


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