I Saw Jesus Christ – Bruce M


I am 61 years old and my name is Bruce. I just recently realized that I have only shared this very very true experience with only a few people in my life. I have no idea why I haven’t shared it with more people and because of the sheer magnitude of its substance and reality, I believe that it is imperative that I share it now, before I die. Also, the fact that God is being removed more and more from society and the world and more importantly from my country, the USA, I want to now share it with the world. This is my experience only.

The following event really did happen. I hope that you will believe me but I don’t expect anyone to believe me because it was “my experience,” not “yours”. You can take or leave it but I hope you will believe it. I am very spiritual, but I am not religious. I don’t believe in any religions and I do not belong to any religious order of any kind. I am not an atheist, either. I am not trying to convert anyone into believing anything. I just want you to know that I saw Jesus while I was alive. I now have more hope and belief in an afterlife and I hope that this true experience in my life gives you a little bit of hope and comfort in your life.

I was a young boy between the ages of 6 and 12 years old. I don’t recall the actual age. It was sometime between 1963 and 1969. I lived in Boston, Massachusetts. It was a very sunny morning and a beautiful day. I was a very insecure and fearful, yet a tough child. I was walking down my street on the cement sidewalk and it was mid morning. I was the only one on the street. I was walking with my head down just looking at the sidewalk. I was walking for a while until I then lifted my head up. As I did, I noticed this tall white man with long, brownish, slightly curly hair about 40 feet in front of me walking directly towards me. Since I was a streetwise city kid, I kept my head up and my eyes on him. When he got closer to me, say 10 feet in front of me, I noticed more closely that he was wearing a long dirty white robe, he was barefoot, had a long brownish slightly curly hair and beard with a mustache and the deepest blue eyes. While he was walking towards me he looked down at me straight into my eyes and said, “I’m Jesus Christ.” That’s all he said, nothing more. He continued to walk past me and since I was a fearful little kid and wise to the streets, I only gave him 3 seconds to walk pass me before I turned around to make sure that he wasn’t going to jump me. ​

Well, this is when I was shocked and amazed. When I turned around to make sure that he wasn’t going to jump me, he was gone!!! Completely disappeared!!!! I immediately looked for a car or doorway that he could have gone into or hidden in but there weren’t any for at least 100 yards or so! I couldn’t believe that he was gone but he was. All I could think of was wow that was really weird. To be very honest with you, I really didn’t give this experience very much thought throughout the years, but I never ever forgot it. This event truly did happen. Why it happened I have no idea. I have always wondered why, myself. I have always been a “see it to believe it” type of guy. I have always been a “doubting Thomas.” Maybe God knew that about me and wanted to help me see the truth? I don’t know. Throughout my life I personally have experienced many, many situations in my life where God has helped me endure many trials and tribulations. But I never thought of asking Jesus for help. I just always asked God.

Bruce’s story was originally published on Encounters-with-Jesus

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