I Threatened To Kill The Christian Missionaries, Now Am One Of Them


I converted from Muslim to Christianity and used to live my past life in sin and darkness. I worked as a farmer and my financial condition was very poor. I would spend my money on worldly things.

Then one day some Christian people visited my village and began to share the teachings of Jesus. When I heard what they were sharing I threatened to kill them if they continued. Before leaving, they showed me some passages from the Quran and asked me to read it.

I was not educated so I went to my brother’s house and asked him to read the portion of the Quran to me. After reading it, my brother said that what the Christians told you is true. Based on this, I became very interested to learn more so I contacted the Christians and asked them to share more.

When they came back to my village, I apologized for the way I treated them. They encouraged me that Jesus is the only way to forgiveness and salvation. I was very blessed that day and decided to give my life to serving Jesus.

After becoming a Christian, I was sleeping one day when the Lord gave me a vision that I needed to go and share the gospel everywhere. My life was rapidly changing and I was soon sharing Jesus with others.

In my village, many did not accept that I had become a Christian. They began to torture me and threatened to kill me. They would no longer allow me to farm my land and they stopped my children’s education. They told me to send my children to a Christian school.

I began to pray for the Lord to help me because I was not able to earn money to support my family. Somehow, God has always provided for my family. Before turning to Jesus I had nothing, but now God has given me everything and I want to serve him the rest of my life. Please pray for me to remain strong in the Lord as I face persecution so that I can complete the work the Lord has given me.

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