Christ Jesus my Lord from Heaven came,
To save me from guilt and sin and shame;
His death on the cross of Calvary
Brought pardon and gave me liberty.

I love Him because He first loved me,
He first loved me, He first loved me;
I love Him because He first loved me,
And died on the cross of Calvary.

He sweat drops of blood in prayer for me,
Heartbroken in dark Gethsemane;
While angels from blessed realms of light
Gave strength to His aching heart that night.

Up Calvary’s hill the cross He bore,
And for me a crown of thorns He wore;
They nailed Him upon the tree to die,
Then darkness came over earth and sky.

My Lord who was slain by sinful man,
A wonderful friend to me has been;
He rose from the tomb with victory,
And now I love Him who first loved me.


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