I am the door; if any man by Me shall enter in,
He shall be saved, and shall go forth a conqu’ror over sin.
In pastures green his soul shall feed, beside still waters lie,
And nothing shall he ever need, for God is his supply.

I am the door, I have one fold, and all who dwell in Me
And I in them are in My fold; their spirits all agree.

I am the door; I know My sheep and I am known of Mine;
Within My book their names I keep, My fold is all divine.
Though robbers create other folds to lead My sheep astray,
And many say, ‘Lo, here; lo, there,’ I yet remain the way.

I’m the good Shepherd, hear My voice and follow me today;
Leave all behind and make thy choice within My fold to stay.
I’ll join your heart to all My sheep whose names are kept above;
With them thy soul shall find delight in My redeeming love.

I am the way, the truth, the life; in Me ye are complete;
My Spirit brings an end of strife, and pleasures pure and sweet.
Why not throw off the yokes of men and leave their folds behind?
Yoke up with Me and learn of Me, and rest your souls shall find.


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