I am free in the all-cleansing blood,
Oh, the sweet flowing tide in my soul,
Ever keeping me white, in the city of light!
Blessed Jesus, in Thee I am whole.

Oh, the blood of Jesus!
Precious blood of the cross I see;
It is keeping me pure, for the promise is sure,
Praise the Lord, O my soul! I am free.

I am free, what a wonderful thought!
It is filling my soul every day,
There’s a voice speaking deep in my heart ever sweet,
‘I will guide you along in the way.’

‘I am free’ is the song I will sing
As I march on this beautiful way;
Oh, my heart doth abound with the joy I have found,
In His favor divine I will stay.

I am free from the bondage of sin,
And the hope of my soul’s ever fair,
I shall dwell where they sing of my Savior and King,
In a mansion of light over there.


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