Mercy Chefs is For the first time ever, on front lines providing desperately needed clean water to those devastated by Hurricane Matthew.

One of the places hit hardest is Lumberton, North Carolina, a city that is now being called a disaster zone after the storm.

For days, the greater area of Robeson County has been overrun by polluted flood waters, leaving thousands stranded without clean drinking waters for the next two to three weeks.

Mercy Chefs is doing everything they can to help relieve the water crisis in that area. The organization is developing a water filtration unit that would churn out 120 gallons of pure drinking water every hour to be delivered to residents all over North Carolina.

That means Mercy Chefs will be providing this basic human necessity to some 5,000 people every day.

The faith-based non-profit charity is also giving away top quality meals to those hit hardest in Haiti, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Volunteers dropped everything to provide more than 1,800 warm meals to first responders, police officers, and residents in these areas.

Although Mercy Chefs credits their volunteers for making it all happen.

“Without their unwavering commitment, Mercy Chefs could never accomplish our mission,” they wrote on a Facebook post. “I am thankful for the talent and dedication each one brings to the team.”

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