How Jesus Delivered This Drug Addicted And Homeless Lady Who Made A Pact With The Devil


A former drug addict who made a pact with the devil made a testimony that Jesus saved her from the sinkhole that she was in.

In a YouTube video, Yvette Castillo shares how an encounter with Jesus Christ rescued her from drug addiction, alcohol, suicidal tendencies, and depression, and basically a life of sin.

Growing up with an alcoholic father and a mother who did not live up to her expectations, Castillo became a misguided and angry teenager. She came to a point where she was boiling with so much hate within that she invoked the power of the devil.

“I said, ‘Give me the power to hurt everyone, to stop people from messing with me.'” she said in her YouTube testimony, adding, “I didn’t know that I was making a pact with the devil. I knew who I was talking to, but I didn’t know how serious it was.”

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She became a delinquent student and started doing drugs. She was eventually kicked out of school.

She got into an abusive relationship, which led to two abortions. While carrying a child, she left her boyfriend and became homeless, turning to drugs, alcohol, and stealing to support her vices.

Pregnant and alone, she tried to mask the inner pain with pills and alcohol, which she paid for by stealing.

For six months, Yvette Castillo was homeless, popping pills and drinking alcohol. She was pregnant and took refuge in abandoned house with crack addicts where she was raped.

She gave birth at a tender age of 14, but not even a child could stopped her from “from doing bad things.”

“Nobody could stop me,” said Yvette, who admitted having two abortions.

Her next boyfriend got saved and pulled her into church. She was on fire and serving God for a time, but then started feeling disappointed with the older Christians whose lives she thought didn’t align with Jesus’ teachings.

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“I was a baby Christian, and they had been going to church for so many years, they should know better,” she said. She left the church and Christianity. “God I’m sorry, but this is not going to work,” she said.

“Little did I know that this was the enemy messing with me. I ran from God for five years.”

She ran back to alcohol and partying. Separated from husband, she became suicidal again and suffered anxiety, panic attacks and depression. She eventually became suicidal as she heard the voice of the devil laughing: “This is where I wanted you. We’re going to destroy you and your children.”

In her despondency, she went to church together with her equally messed up daughter and cried out to God.

A pastor approached her and told her: “God just wants you to know that you and Him are good. He doesn’t hold anything against you.”

She said the pastor’s words of love and acceptance melted her heart of stone.

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“I felt so much lighter. It was crazy. Something awoke inside of me that God spoke to me and said ‘I love you,’” she said, crying out in tears, “I’m sorry, God!”

That was not the end of her story yet.

After some time, she left church and reverted back to her old sinful ways, once again taking drugs.

But one morning, Yvette woke up feeling it would be a new day. She went to a park to gather her thoughts.

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“Something spoke to me: ‘Worship God. Lift up your hands and worship God,’” she said. “That voice kept coming to and got so overwhelming.”

She was them prompted to lift her hands. Then, “something began to happen. I started to cry and couldn’t stop crying,” she said.

“I started feeling the presence of God, his holiness, his love, his mercy. It was like I wasn’t even at the park. I was in front of His throne. It was God.

“When I felt his presence, I started saying I’m so sorry for ever walking away. His forgiveness and love and mercy were just so beautiful. I felt a new creation born in me. God told me: You are no longer bound to sin, to addiction, to anxiety. I have rescued you from darkness.”

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