Rep. Emanuel Cleaver closes the House prayer with “amen and a-woman.”

A video that went viral of a House Democrat Representative who ended his prayer with “amen and awomen” after claiming Allah and God are the same in addition to including other gods for comparison. After praying the Numbers 6 blessing (Numbers 6:24-26) he then ended the prayer by stating “we ask it in the name of the monotheistic god, brahma, and the God known by many names and by many different faiths. Amen. Awomen.”

This has infuriated lots of people, some comments below;

Thicc Duck ; Won’t be surprised if they change the word “history” to “herstory”

Karim Fawal; Omg he is so offensive, he should’ve said : “ Amen, Awomen and Agenderneutral”. What a disgrace.

C; For Christ’s sake, the word “Amen” isn’t even rooted in the English language.

Loeke Bolumbu; BRUH moment right there. “Amen” has nothing to do with gender smh. God help us.

Geviper; I’m not even christian or republican, and I cringed so hard that I went blind.

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