“Here I Am”

Lord here I am
Lord here I am
Lord here I am
Lord here I am

[Verse 1:]
Let me take out this time
To tell you you’re so good
So many
Things you’ve done for me I know you shouldn’t
Do because I don’t deserve
But you think otherwise
And that is why I follow you
I opened up my eyes

So whenever you need me
I’ll follow where you need me
I’ll never have to worry
I’ll be there in a hurry (I’ll come running to you)


[Verse 2:]
Surrender surrender (that’s what I gotta do)
Remember remember (all the things he’s done for you)
Regardless of the things you’ve done
You can turn around
And when you turn around
You can stand on higher



Here I am (here I am)
I am I am
Oh my Lord
Here I am (here I am)
Totally available
Here I am
Just let me know

[Chorus x2]

Oh here I am


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