Baby Name Gender Meaning Origin
Naamah F Pleasant Hebrew
Naaman M Delightful Hebrew
Naamit F Bird Hebrew
Naava F Beautiful Hebrew
Naavah F Beautiful Hebrew
Nachman M Compassionate Hebrew
Nachum M Comfort Hebrew
Nadav M Giving Hebrew
Nadiv M Noble Hebrew
Naftali M Wreath Hebrew
Naftalie M Wreath Hebrew
Nagida F Prosperous Hebrew
Nahum M Compassionate Hebrew
Nainsi F Grace Unknown
Nan F Grace English
Nana F Grace Unknown
Nancsi F Grace English
Nancy F Grace English
Nanelia F Grace Unknown

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Baby Name Gender Meaning Origin
Nanelle F Grace Unknown
Nanetta F Grace French
Nanette F Full of grace French
Nanine F Grace English
Nanna F Grace German
Nannie F Grace Greek
Nanny F Grace Greek
Naomi F Beautiful Hebrew
Nasya F Miracle Hebrew
Nat M Given Hebrew
Natanael M Gift from God Hebrew
Natania F Gift of God Hebrew
Nate M Given Hebrew
Nathan M Gift from God Hebrew
Nathanael M Gift from God Hebrew
Nathania F God’s gift Unknown
Nathanial M God has given Hebrew
Nathaniel M God has given Hebrew
Navit F Pleasant Hebrew

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Baby Name Gender Meaning Origin
Nechama F Comfort Hebrew
Nechemya M Comforted by the Lord Hebrew
Nedaviah F Generosity Hebrew
Nediva F Giving Hebrew
Nedivah F Giving Hebrew
Nehama F Comfort Hebrew
Nehemiah M Comforted by God Hebrew
Neomi F Pleasant Hebrew
Neorah F Light Hebrew
Neta F Plant Hebrew
Nethanel M Gift from God Hebrew
Nili F Success Hebrew
Nima F Thread Hebrew
Nin F Grace Hebrew
Nina F Grace Hebrew
Ninacska F Grace Unknown
Nira F Plow Hebrew
Niria F Plow Hebrew
Nirit F Plant Hebrew

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Baby Name Gender Meaning Origin
Nissa F Emblem Hebrew
Nissim M Wonders Hebrew
Nita F Grace Hebrew
Nitza F Blossom Hebrew
Nitzanah F Blossom Hebrew
Nizana F Blossom Hebrew
Noach M Rest Hebrew
Noah M Rest or comfort Hebrew
Noam M Pleasant Hebrew
Noe M Rest or comfort French
Noga F Morning light Hebrew
Nora F Light Greek
Norah F Light Greek
Noy F Decoration Hebrew
Noya F Ornament Hebrew
Nura F Light Arabic
Nureet F Plant Hebrew
Nuri M My fire Hebrew
Nuria F The Lords light Arabic
Nurit F Plant Hebrew
Nurita F Plant Hebrew
Nusa F Grace Unknown
Nusi F Grace Hungarian

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