Baby Name Gender Meaning
Aaron M Exalted one
Abaigael F My father rejoices
Abarrane F Father of many
Abarron M Father of a multitude
Abba M Father
Abbey F My father rejoices
Abbie F My father rejoices
Abbot M Father
Abbott M Father
Abby F My father rejoices
Abegayle F My father rejoices
Abel M Breath
Abell M Breath
Abhy F My father rejoices
Abichail F Gives joy
Abigail F My father rejoices
Abijah M The Lord is my father
Abimelech M Father is king
Abir M Strong
Abira F Strong
Abiram M Father of heights
Abisha M The Lord is my father

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Able M Breath
Abner M Father of light
Abra F Mother of many
Abraham M Father of a multitude
Abram M Exalted father
Abramo M Father of a multitude
Absalom M Father of peace
Ada F Ornament
Adah F Ornament
Adam M Red earth
Adar M Noble
Adar F Exalted
Adara F Beauty
Addam M Red earth
Adena F Noble
Adene F Adornment
Aderet M Crown
Adin M Beautiful
Adina F Slender
Adinah F Slender
Adinam F Tender
Adine F Adornment
Adir M Noble
Adira F Strong and powerful
Adiv M Pleasant
Adlai M Witness
Adley M Judicious
Admina F Of the red earth
Admon M Red earth
Adniel M Of God’s flock
Adon M Lord
Adriel M From God’s congregation
Adriyel M Of God’s flock
Afra F Young doe
Afra F Young doe
Ager M Gathers
Aharon M Exalted one
Ahava F Beloved
Ahave F Beloved
Ahelia F Breath
Ahelie F Breath
Ahsalom M Father of peace
Ahuda F Beloved
Ahuva F Beloved
Ahuvah F Beloved
Ailat F Behind
Ailsie F Devoted to God
Aitan M Strong
Aiya F Bird
Akiba M To take by the heal
Akibe F Protected
Akiha F Protected
Akim M God will establish
Akiva M To take by the heal
Akiva F To take by the heal
Aksel M Father of peace
Akub M To take by the heal
Aleeza F Joy
Aleezah F Joyous
Alitza F Joyous
Aliza F Joy or delight
Alizah F Joy or delight
Allon M Oak tree
Allona F Strong as an oak
Allonia F Strong as an oak
Alon M Oak
Alona F Strong as an oak
Alter M Old
Aluma F Girl
Alumit F Girl
Alva F Light skinned
Alva M Sublime
Alvah M Sublime
Alvan M Noble friend
Alverna F Wise friend
Alvina F Noble and wise friend
Amariah F Given by God
Amaris F Given by God
Amarisa F Given by God
Amarise F Given by God
Amarissa F Given by God
Amasa M Burden
Amichai M My parents are alive
Amiel M People of God
Amikam M Rising nation
Amir M Proclaimed
Amira F Speech
Amiram M Lofty people
Amita M Truth
Amiti M Truth
Ammi M My people
Ammiel M People of God
Ammitai M Truth
Amnon M Faithful
Amon M Faithful
Amos M Burden
Amram M Great nation
Anais F Grace
Analise F Grace or devoted to God
Anamari F Grace or bitter
Anamarie F Grace or bitter
Anat F A singer
Anata F A singer
Anate F A singer
Anatie F A singer
Ance F Grace
Ane F Prayer
Aneta F Grace
Anetta F Grace
Anica F Grace
Anichka F Grace
Anika F Grace
Aniki F Grace
Aniko F Grace
Anita F Grace
Anitra F Grace
Anka F Grace
Anku F Grace
Ann F Gracious
Anna F Grace
Annaliese F Full of grace
Annalisa F Devoted to God
Annamarie F Bitter grace
Anne F Gracious
Anneliese F Gracious or God is my oath
Annette F Gracious
Annie F Gracious
Annikka F Gracious
Annikke F Gracious
Annikki F Gracious
Annora F Gracious
Annorah F Gracious
Annot F Light
Anny F Prayer
Annze F Gracious
Anora F Grace
Antje F Grace
Anyuta F Grace
Aoife F Life
Aphra F Dust
Aram M Father of a multitude
Araminta F Lofty
Araminte F Lofty
Ardath F Flowering field
Ardon M Bronze
Areille F Lioness of God
Ari M Lion
Aridatha F Flowering field
Arie M Lion of God
Ariel M Lion of God
Ariel F Lion of God
Ariela F Lion of God
Arielle F Lion of God
Arion M Melodious
Arlan M Pledge or oath
Arland M Pledge
Arlando M Pledge
Arlen M Pledge
Arlin M Pledge or oath
Armen M High place
Armin M High place
Armon M High place
Arnan M Quick or joyful
Aron M Lofty or inspired
Arvad M Wanderer
Arye M Lion of God
Aryeh M Lion of God
Asa M Healer
Asaf M Gatherer
Asaph M Gatherer
Asenka F Grace
Asenke F Grace
Asher M Blessed
Ashira F Wealthy
Asya F Grace
Atalia F The Lord is mighty
Ataliah F The Lord is mighty
Atalie F The Lord is mighty
Atara F Crowned
Atarah F Crowned
Atera F Pray
Ateret F Crowned
Athaleyah F Lioness of God
Athalia F The Lord is exalted
Athalie F The Lord is exalted
Atira F Prayer
Atonia F Strong as an oak
Avagail F My father rejoices
Avera F Transgresses
Avi M Father
Avichai M My father is alive
Avichayil F Gives joy
Avidan M God is just or father
Avidor M Father of a multitude
Aviel M Father
Avigail F Gives joy
Avigdor M Father protection
Avimelech M Father is king
Avinoam M Pleasant father
Aviram M Father of heights
Avisha M Gift from God
Avishai M Gift of God
Avital M Father of dew
Aviv M Springtime
Aviva F Springtime
Avivah F Springtime
Avivi F Springtime
Avivit F Innocent
Avner M Father of light
Avner M Father of light
Avniel M My father is my rock
Avraham M Father of a multitude
Avram M Exalted father
Avsalom M Father of peace
Avshalom M Father of peace
Avshalom M Father of peace
Axel M Father of peace
Axella F Peace
Axelle F Peace
Aya F Bird
Ayala F Doe
Ayalah F Doe
Ayla F Oak tree
Ayn F Prayer
Azalea F Flower
Azaria M God helps
Azarious M God helps
Azarya M God helps
Azaryah M God helps
Azaryahu M God helps
Azelia F Flower
Azelie F Flower
Aziel F Flower
Azizah F Strong
Azrael M God helps
Azriel M God helps

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