There’s a heaven to gain,
There is torment to shun,
There are dangers in life to be braved;
There’s a foe to be fought,
And a prize to be won,
There are souls to be lost or be saved.

Hasten today,
Will you longer delay,
While the Master, so loving and true,
Is bidding you go,
And someone in woe
Is longing and waiting for you?

Go and labor today,
And no longer refuse;
Hear the call from the lips of your Lord;
Brother, sister, awake!
There is no time to lose,
For the millions now wait for His word.

Brother, hasten today,
There is room for us all,
There is somewhere a soul you can win;
Will you longer delay?
Hear the pitiful call
Of the souls that are fettered in sin.


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