We’re a happy pilgrim band,
Dwelling in the holy land,
With a shout of joy we upward run;
For we’ve left the wilderness,
And have entered holiness
Through the blood of God’s beloved Son.

Oh, it’s glory, oh, it’s glory,
For my Jesus dwells within;
Oh, it’s glory, oh, it’s glory,
For He saves and keeps from sin.

In this land of corn and wine,
We are happy all the time-
Oh, what flowing streams of perfect love-
God Himself is our delight,
And we’re walking in His light,
Pure as crystal, like His throne above.

Though we enter more and more
It is better on before-
Oh, the waves of glory still increase;
Higher, higher we ascend,
Yet we never see the end
Of this Beulah land of perfect peace.

Sing, oh, sing in sweet accord,
The salvation of the Lord,
For He makes us whiter than the snow;
Yes, we’ll sing the jubilee,
How the Son has made us free,
And we triumph over every foe.

O dear sinner, come today,
There is danger in delay;
Will you go to darkness and despair?
Oh, do turn away from sin,
And the Lord will take you in,
And His glory you may ever share.

And professor, where are you?
Are you holy through and through?
Are you living for the Lord alone?
You must here be sanctified
If you wish to there abide
In the presence of the heavenly throne.


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