‘God Hears Our Prayers’: Trump Prays for Wisdom and Grace To Lead America

United States President Donald J. Trump with Vice President Mike Pence
United States President Donald J. Trump with Vice President Mike Pence

On Sunday, President Trump participated in a “Call to Prayer” phone conference for people affected by COVID-19. Also in the meeting were several prominent Christian leaders, Premier Christian News reports.

“Every family who lost a loved one … I just want to say an extra-special prayer,” Trump said over the phone. “People have lost loved ones, it should never have happened. Nobody had heard of a thing like this a few months before and all of a sudden, they are losing people.

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“I want to give my warmest sympathies to the families that have lost someone. I’ve lost many friends … five friends,” he added.

Trump then encouraged viewers saying, “God hears our prayers” and “He’s always with us and He’ll help us overcome this challenge.”

The president also said that he has recently tested negative for COVID-19 after he had contracted the disease earlier this month.

In his closing remarks, Trump thanked the Lord “for working miracles’ and asked God “for the wisdom and the grace to continue to lead our country, and to lead it at the top level.”

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Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, hosted Sunday’s prayer call and told viewers that the prayer calls would continue every Sunday going forward at 5 p.m.

Several charismatic leaders including presidential advisor Paula-White Cain, Daystar’s Joni Lamb, televangelist James Robison and Rev. Samuel Rodriguez participated in Sunday’s prayer call.

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